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BOXING star Amir Khan's fiancee has demanded a showdown with one of his ex-lovers to find out if he cheated on her.

Brunette Faryal Makhdoom requested the meeting with Natalie Fox after growing suspicious of the two-time world champion.

It is believed she discovered text messages between Amir and blonde model Natalie alluding to a fling.

Natalie, 28, claims she bedded him just TWO WEEKS before his official engagement to American Faryal in January.

But Amir, 25, insists it happened A YEAR earlier in January 2011.

Now, New York-based student Faryal, 20, wants to know the truth before she marries Amir... and is even prepared to fly to the UK to meet Natalie face-to-face.

For the moment she has chosen to believe Amir - who says he only romped with Natalie before getting together with her.

But she has asked to see what evidence Natalie has of the alleged affair, insisting: "I have every right to know."

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, Natalie said: "I'm happy to meet Faryal and tell her everything that happened.

As his bride-to-be she does have a right to know.

"It's her prerogative as to whether she believes me or not."


Faryal first confronted Natalie via a series of texts on October 9. She had found Natalie's number in her phone which Amir had also been using to text his former flame.

Faryal said that Amir had told her he had slept with Natalie, but in January 2011, a long time before she got together with him.

When Natalie texted back her version of events, Faryal replied asking where and when they slept together. Faryal asked her to explain what had happened between the two.

She demanded to get to the bottom of the allegations before marrying Amir and said she deserved to know. Faryal then started to work out how she could meet Natalie to discuss her allegations in person.

In another text message she suggested flying in to meet Natalie in the near future to see the proof for herself while Amir was away at training camp.

At this point Natalie was unsure whether the texts were really coming from Faryal and asked her to prove it was her.

So the student posted a Tweet saying "Nat it's me" immediately afterwards.

Their texts and tweets came days after Amir had been texting Natalie from the same number telling her there was a chance Faryal would get in contact. Amir said Faryal had seen messages from Natalie to him suggesting they had slept together.

In a heated exchange of messages with Natalie, Amir admitted they had slept together, but insisted it was before his engagement to Faryal. He demanded that she show him what proof she had that had romped in January, just before his engagement party.

Natalie said: "Amir kept questioning me over and over again. I've got nothing to hide and told him the truth... although he already knew that.

"But it felt like he was just going through the motions to try to prove to his girlfriend that he'd been faithful."

Natalie and 2004 Olympic silver medallist Amir met through mutual friends. Natalie says in March 2011 they started talking on BBM - the BlackBerry messenger service - when they were both still single. en Natalie was on holiday in Gran Canaria and had uploaded a photo of herself in a bikini. Amir noticed the picture and struck up a conversation.

Natalie said: "He was asking me: 'When are you back?' and said he wanted to meet me. I felt very flattered because he was a big star." A few days after Natalie returned home, Amir messaged her asking to meet. Natalie said: "He messaged me randomly saying, 'What are you doing? Why don't you come to meet me?'

"I was in two minds about it. I didn't really fancy him but all my friends said, 'You've got to meet him, he's famous!' So I went with the flow."

Amir arranged to meet Natalie at the Britannia Hotel near his home in Bolton later that day. She said: "When I arrived in the car park I rang him. He said, 'Go in and the room is booked under your name Miss Fox.'" Natalie went up to the room and five minutes later Amir arrived. She said: "He was wearing jeans and a checked blue velour shirt. To be honest, he looked a bit of a scruff.

"He gave me a hug and then we sat down and started talking. We had an instant connection and 10 minutes later he leaned in for a kiss... then one thing led to another." Natalie, a former glamour model, said: "Afterwards we talked for ages and it felt natural. It might sound ridiculous, but when I left the hotel I felt like I'd fallen in love."

But problems started almost immediately when, according to Natalie, Amir started telling his and Natalie's mutual friends they'd slept together.

She said: "I felt it was hugely disrespectful. I felt cheapened by it, especially because I didn't usually sleep with people that quickly. I'd told him that and he knew it would hurt me."

Natalie messaged Amir to tell him how annoyed she was, but said: "He didn't seem bothered."

She cut all contact with him, deleting him off her phone. But Natalie says she got back in contact with him in December 2011 because she was "missing him".

They started talking on BBM again - and Natalie claims Amir asked to meet up with her in January this year at the same hotel they had slept together in before. She says that they did meet up.

By this point Amir was in a relationship with Faryal, but Natalie insists she had no idea until two weeks later when she saw their engagement story in a paper. She said: "My heart sank."

Amir and Faryal had got engaged on January 29 in a lavish PS150,000 public ceremony. He splashed out on a PS100,000 ring with three diamonds, while Faryal gave him with a platinum one encrusted with diamonds.

Stars including Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ricky Hatton and David Hay were invited to the party.

Weeks before, Amir and Faryal spoke openly about their love for one another in a newspaper.

Natalie said: "I was gutted and felt sick, but decided I had to forget about Amir and move on with my life - then he got in contact again.

"It's been a nightmare. I'm speaking out because I think the way Amir has spoken to me is totally out of line."

Neither Amir nor Faryal wished to comment last night.


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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 21, 2012
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