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'Death Stranding' Doesn't Look Like A Game? Fans Worried.

Director Hideo Kojima has been known as a visionary due to his work in the industry. However, fans are slowly having doubts over "Death Stranding" as it has barely showed any focus on gameplay so far. Is "Death Stranding" actually a game?

On the ( Neogaf forums, many players have been discussing the possibility that "Death Stranding" may not be a game. During the game's reveals, the trailers had not shown much of its gameplay, instead focusing on its characters interacting within the game's story. While it's normal for characters to mostly talk about the story in the trailers, Kojima's "Death Stranding" barely provides anything about gameplay that players could be excited for.

Some fans are worried that "Death Stranding" could be a movie disguised as a game. Instead of the usual video game related conventions and events, Kojima even decided to reveal this game during the Tribeca Film Festival.

However, the current state of "Death Stranding" could be because of Kojima's viewpoint with life at the moment. In an interview with The ( Telegraph , Kojima confirmed that he's already 55 years old and could die anytime soon. For this project, the director has been working on the title as if it's his last.

While his attitude of life reflects on the quality of the game, it barely explains what he's working on for the upcoming title. Kojima has been planning to use many Hollywood actors for this project. Many fans know Kojima to be a movie buff who has always been interested in becoming a film director himself.

Since its first introduction in E3 2016, many fans were left confused over what the trailers meant. However, the latest trailer answered all of the mysteries about the vexing game. Players would play as Sam Porter Bridges, portrayed by actor Norman Reedus, and work as a deliveryman in a radically odd version of the United States. Eventually, "Death Stranding" players will be working together online in rebuilding civilization.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what ( "Death Stranding"  really is once it gets released in November.

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Date:Jul 29, 2019
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