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'Date Roasted' - a commitment to excellence.

Coffee Roasters, Inc. is a 22 year old family business that puts quality ahead of price and the customer ahead of everything else. We back this up with our commitment to excellence by putting "Date Roasted" on each and every pound of coffee we sell.

There are several factors in turning green coffee beans into an exquisitely flavorful, full-bodied cup of coffee, but it all the right things are accomplished and the customer purchases coffee that has gone stale, the exquisite cup of coffee is lost.

It takes more time and commitment by us to accomplish this, but there is no substitution for coffee fresh out of the roaster. We want all our customers to "Taste the Fresh Roasted Difference".

Most consumers check the date on perishable products such as bread, milk, and eggs to ensure they are purchasing a fresh product. How often have you heard a customer ask, "When was this coffee roasted?"

Coffee begins to go stale immediately after it has been roasted. Whole bean coffee exposed to air has about a 30 day shelf life. Coffee aroma and freshness continues to diminish to the point where the "Fresh Roasted Difference" is gone.

At Coffee Roasters, Inc., we roast on demand and date each package with the date roasted. Whether we are selling to mail order customers in one pound bags, to specialty shops in five pound bags, or to delicatessens to be fresh-ground, fresh-brewed and sold by the cup, we stamp the "Date Roasted" date on each bag.

"Date Roasted" is the customers' guarantee for freshness. The customer will receive the coffee just days after roasting -- not weeks. Valve bags have their place, but too often roasters stock their inventory shelves ahead of time to make distribution easier. When was the last time a retailer asked, "When was this coffee roasted?" Coffee roasters believes the key to freshness is in timing and not in packaging. We encourage all our retailers to order more frequently with smaller orders to insure freshness. In an effort to help the retailers achieve their goal, we have our own custom built lucite coffee dispensers that fill from the top and dispense from the bottom. This ensures that the first product in is also the first product out. Another freshness feature is that each dispenser only holds a total of six pounds of coffee that can easily be sold in a couple of weeks.

As a roaster of gourmet and specialty coffees, it is our responsibility to pass on our knowledge and expertise to the retailer in order that the consumer can enjoy the very best cup of coffee possible.

We have often heard our customers say that our coffee tastes so much better than others. The recipe is simple: Start with high quality green coffee, roast it to attain the optimum flavor and deliver a fresh-roasted product.

At Coffee Roasters, we truly love coffee and the romance of it, and that makes the challenge of providing the best possible products, easy.
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Title Annotation:Coffee Roasters Inc., Oakland, New Jersey
Author:Comiskey, Jerry
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Article Type:Company Profile
Date:Oct 1, 1991
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