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'Cos bikinis sell.

WM thought we'd left the days of the 1970s' pin-ups far behind us.

No longer would advertisers get a glammy girl (they're always `girls' in these circumstances aren't they?), undress her into a bikini and pose her provocatively next to the product they're trying to flog. The bikini girl on a car was a favourite.

Yes, we thought those days were past, but what did we spy this week? Two women with their kit (almost) off, trying to flog completely random goods.

First, American actress and model Julienne Davis poses in a bikini across a Cadillac De-Ville to announce record sales in the UK of Californian wine on the first day of the London International Wine & Spirit Fair.

And then ``gorgeous glamour girl'' - that's the publicity speak, not ours - Jo Guest strips off for the British Farmers' `Not Just A Bit On The Side' campaign. The aim being to give watercress a sexier image.

Whatever next - bikini-clad women advertising bikinis?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 27, 2003
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