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'Coronitas' enter American market.

The Modelo Brewing Group has introduced one of Mexico's most popular hot weather traditions to the U.S. market in response to requests from American tourists who have vacationed south of the border, the company reported recently.

The tradition is the "Bucket of Coronitas," six or more seven-ounce bottles of Corona beer served iced-down in a small metal bucket.

The Coronita first entered the U.S. market earlier this spring and became an "instant hit, far exceeding sales expectations and almost immediately gaining widespread distribution throughout the U.S.," according to Valentin Diez, Modelo's senior vice president of sales and marketing. Diez added he expects sales to peak this summer and reach a quarter-million cases by the end of the season.
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Title Annotation:Mexican Corona Extra beer marketing strategy in U.S.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 15, 1991
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