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'Cop' kept watch for gunmen who robbed Faulu Bank, court told.

A fake police officer at the Faulu Micro-Finance Bank kept watch as thugs armed with guns and a hacksaw robbed the bank of Sh 484,890, a Kibera court heard on Monday.

Former G4S officers Josiah Maiko, Oscar Lumiti, Moses Amunga and Charles Kemosi were charged with using metal cutting gadgets to saw off the bank's window grills on January 1.

On Monday when the matter came up for hearing, the four told the court they were patrolling the premises when a fake police officer at the gate urged them to relax as everything was in control.

They first rushed to the bank after they heard an alarm from the control room but when they arrived, the 'policeman' with a gun locked them out.

'When we arrived there, we realised that all was in control. The police officer had made us believe all was well and we left the place,' Maiko told court.

The four were accused of using tricks to enter the bank but they failed to access the safe.

They also said since they never had a gun, they could not risk their lives with the thugs.

'They came with guns, caught me and tied me to a tree upside down. How could I help? I only helped myself after they left the compound,' one of the suspects told court.

They denied the charges.

However, the investigating officer said that the four conspired to steal but kept on "playing cat and mouse".

He said he had enough evidence before he brought them to caught but said that he never visited the scene.

He said the CCTV cameras were not functioning when he went to inspect the crime scene.

Prosecutor Kinuthia Mwangi requested that the matter be adjourned to another date.

Kibera Magistrate Esther Boke directed the matter to be heard expeditiously on June 13.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:May 7, 2019
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