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'Conman in pounds 1.5m will hoax'.


A CARER forged a friend's pounds 1.5million will after finding the estate was left to the RSPCA, it was claimed yesterday.

William Touzel, 57, was furious Howard Gibbs was leaving him only pounds 4,000.

He allegedly tricked 93-year-old Mr Gibbs and two witnesses from an old people's home into signing the forged document.

If the fake will had been accepted he would have received pounds 717,000 after tax and nursing costs.

Touzel claimed the second "will" was found after Mr Gibbs died in January 2000, Bournemouth crown court was told.

But the prosecution said: "Friends do not believe Mr Gibbs was in any state to change his will."

Touzel, of Poole, Dorset, is also said to have plundered Mr Gibbs' savings and faked a letter releasing him from paying a pounds 41,000 loan.

He allegedly acted after solicitors appointed three executors. He denies attempted theft and deception. The case goes on.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 18, 2003
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