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'Con man' caught in Eugene ruse.

Byline: Chelsea Gorrow The Register-Guard

A nationally notorious "con man" known for falsifying rsums to obtain high-profile jobs across the country was fired last week from the Downtown Athletic Club, where he worked as the general manager.

Carlo DiMaria was terminated for allegedly falsifying his rsum, according to an internal memo sent by club co-owner Rob Bennett to club members last week and obtained by The Register-Guard.

Eugene police confirmed Tuesday that an officer recently pulled over DiMaria on a traffic stop and became suspicious that DiMaria might be providing a false name. The officer, according to police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin, ultimately learned that DiMaria had, in fact, provided his legal name - having changed it from his previous name, Fred Brito.

Brito is a "low-budget 'Catch Me If You Can'-style con man," according to Los Angeles-based blogger David Markland, who has been profiling Brito's escapades for years in a blog he calls That Liar Fred Brito.

DiMaria, then known as Brito, also has been profiled by "Dateline NBC" and the Los Angeles Times for allegedly falsifying rsums and using a variety of aliases to obtain high-paying positions at various agencies, ranging from the Red Cross and the UCLA School of Medicine to the Western Law Center for Disability Rights and the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California.

On an agency website that purports to be his exclusive media representative, "Fred Brito" claims to have served as the CEO at more than 37 corporations; to have managed the artist Cher in concerts worldwide; to have served as a senior vice president for an unnamed NFL football team that became Super Bowl champions; and to have served as a priest, a psychiatrist and a symphony conductor.

DiMaria last was discovered with a falsified resume in February 2012 at the Dallas, Texas, office of HotelPro, a worldwide hotel staffing company where he worked under the name of Gomez de Maria, according to Markland. He was fired immediately.

DiMaria's other alleged aliases include Giancarlo di Maria, Freddrick Esparza, Federico Gomez de Maria, Freddrick Mark Brito, Federiqkoe DiBritto III, Fred Brito Gomez, Fred Gomez, Father Fred Esparza, Father Federico Brito Gomez de Esparza and Father B. Gomez de Esparza.

The latter three aliases were used when he allegedly posed as a priest and illegally married a number of couples, including one pair who later confronted him on the "Dr. Phil" TV show.

Rob Bennett on Tuesday declined comment on DiMaria's employment and termination at the Downtown Athletic Club.

In his email to club members, however, Bennett said he was "writing you directly to let you know we have severed our relationship with our general manager, Carlo DiMaria."

"We were made aware that Carlo intentionally misstated experience on his rsum. While he has done some positive things during his short tenure at the DAC, providing false information is not acceptable, and we are unable to move forward in our relationship.

"As this is a personnel issue, we will not be able to comment further," Bennett added.

Statewide court records do not indicate that DiMaria's legal name change occurred in Oregon. During the traffic stop by Eugene police, he was not cited or charged. The reason for the stop was not immediately clear.

It also is unclear whether the traffic stop and follow-up investigation by Eugene police are what tipped the DAC off to DiMaria's history.

Markland, the L.A. blogger, has a long history in the media industry, according to his LinkedIn profile. His former jobs include media producer, editor, online news blogger and journalist. He now works as an events producer, according to LinkedIn.

Markland contacted The Register-Guard two months ago to suggest that "Fred Brito" might be working for the city of Eugene. Markland, it turns out, had the wrong employer - but the correct community.

Markland since has written on his blog that DiMaria, whom he still refers to as Brito, was fired from the DAC, citing an unidentified source.

According to that source, DiMaria worked for the DAC for three months and "created such a hostile workplace that several of the tenured staff left in that time."

Markland did not respond Tuesday to a request for further comment or clarification.

DiMaria, who was convicted of grand theft and sent to prison in 2002, often has avoided criminal charges in many of his schemes, according to a timeline of his alleged actions on Markland's blog. The timeline can be visited at

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