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'Clean in Place' for speciality bread producers.

UK ovens designer and manufacturer, Double D Food Engineering, has developed a Clean In Place (CIP) system specifically to meet hygiene requirements for industrial bakers of speciality bread.

The production of chilled or pre-baked speciality breads is an expanding market. However, the addition of toppings such as butter, cheese, garlic, olive oil, ham or tomatoes requires extra efficient cleaning, as Ian Wallace, Double D's sales and marketing director, explains.

"We transferred the technology for the CIP system from our continuous cookers for the meat and poultry industry where 'cook-out' or fat residue from meat products requires very thorough cleaning. Baking with toppings requires stricter than normal hygiene standards, as the proteins (butter, cheese, garlic etc) can drip into the bottom of the oven and become trapped, or create a serious fire risk. For some customers it has also halved cleaning downtime."

Double D's CIP features a system of sparge pipes which delivers a pressurised, heated, caustic solution throughout the oven. Access doors make any final manual cleaning easy for hard-to-reach areas.

In May 2009, Double D was acquired by JBT FoodTech, a division of the JBT Corporation, a global solutions provider of industrial food processing equipment whose brands include Frigoscandia, Stein and DTI. The acquisition means that Double D can now integrate its ovens with JBT's Frigoscandia range of freezers, chillers, spiral freezers and proofers, thereby offering customers a wider range of turnkey in-line bakery solutions for proofing, baking, chilling and freezing.

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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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