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'Civilized' behaviour is more than just queuing.

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To respond BoggieMonster's critics I would like to say that the comparison he has made between Dubai and "across the Atlantic" in relative toA queuing people's behavior Is rather "Limited" and "incomplete" and reflects a kind of hidden prejudice.

It s true that some of Dubai's citizens (not all) are not always acting in a civilised manner, understandably due to the cosmopolitan nature of Dubai's population where people are coming from different cultures and conceptions not always at "western's civilized standards" however I have seen many "westerners" here in Dubai ALSO acting in uncivilizedA and indifferent manners relatively toA "eastern civilizedA standards" such as "kissing in public", "eating and smoking publicly during Ramadan time", 'being rude and snobbish with others" ..etc

The Moral is that civilised manners are notA linked ONLY with "queuing behavior" nor is it linked ONLY with western standards, it is a global thing which principally involves "Respect towards others"A unfortunately the "Perfect civilised example does not exist, not in Dubai nor "anywhere"

However compensation to lack of "Queuing behavior " in DubaiA (Allah be blessed ) EXIST, such as security,A Peace, opportunities for a better life etc, which unfortunately is more and more lacking "Across the Atlantic"where Crime , violence, aggression and insecurity has reached unprecedented levels.

So Mr BoggieMonster it's your call , you are FREE to cross the ATLANTIC and remain there, if life in Dubai is not sufficiently rewarding as per your limited standard. But you cannot have the butter and the money of the butter




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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Apr 23, 2008
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