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'Chicago Sun-Times' Anti-Zell Video Contest Won By 'Trib' Intern.

"The Sun-Times has been punk'd," the tabloid admitted Thursday as it announced the winner of its "Zell No!" video contest is an intern at the rival Chicago Tribune.

"The Tribune has a sense of humor. Who knew?" reads the Sun-Times Web site headline announcing the $1,000 prizewinner, Katie Hamilton. She is splitting the award with two friends who helped her create The the video that uses the 1984 Twisted Sisters hit, "We're Not Gonna Change It" to protest the possible sale of naming rights to Wrigley Field by the chairman of the newly private Tribune Co., Sam Zell.

"It's like Macy's and Marshall Field's. It's not really going to change things, but they'll be a lot of disappointed fans," Hamilton told Sun-Times staff reporter Rummana Hussain, referring to the change in the name of the iconic Chicago department store when it was bought by Macy's.

The video by Hamilton, 22, shows her being chased by someone playing Sam Zell, being evicted from the company's Tribune Tower offices, and dancing outside Wrigley Field.

The Sun-Times published the lyrics of Hamilton's twist on the Twisted Sister song:

We're not gonna change it! No! We'll never rename it! We will always call it Wrigley Field!It's where we do our boozin' Where our team does its losin' Now some rich dude, he wants a change.

He'll name it after Old Style Or drugs for ills erectile Viagra Field sounds pretty strange.We're not gonna change it! Zell! Don't try to rename it! It will always be OUR Wrigley Field!

Sam Zell may have the power And own the Tribune Tower Don't have the North Side's pride destroyed!

Nicorette Gum Park's a loser Don't give our name to Hooters Or products made for hemorrhoids!Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh We're right (yeah) You'll see (yeah) The Cubs have sucked (what?)

For a century! (what?!?)

We're not gonna change it! No! We'll never rename it! We will always call it Wrigley Field!We're not gonna change it! (@#$% NO!) we won't let Zell change it! He'll just have to stick with Wrigley Field!

We're not gonna change it! No! We'll never rename it! We will always call it Wrigley Field!

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Title Annotation:Katie Hamilton won the Sun-Times Zell No! video contest
Publication:Editor & Publisher
Date:Mar 20, 2008
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