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'Careless cotton picking can cause financial loss'.

LAHORE -- Careless picking of cotton crop can result in huge financial loss not only to the growers but also to national economy.

Minister for Agriculture Punjab Dr Farrukh Javed said this while talking to a delegation of representatives of cotton growers here on Monday.

He advised the farmers to ensure neat and clean picking of cotton in order to get handsome return against their produce, as the cotton was the most important cash crop of Pakistan.

He said that cotton was a major source of earning foreign exchange and livelihood to millions of people in the country.

He further stated that country's cotton had large impurity content, trash water contents and was considered poor as per international standards.

A number of impurities like pieces of leaves, immature and empty bolls, stems, flowers, sticks, weeds, trash and dust also damage cotton quality and it happened due to careless picking, he stated.

There was a need to remove such sort of impurities for gaining maximum returns, he added.

Contamination causes to produce low quality lint cotton, yarn and manufactured goods, he said.

The quality of cotton was determined by its colour, fiber length, strength, and finess.

Among other factors, contamination affects the quality of cotton, he said.

The minister said that cotton picking should be started at the time when 50 per cent fully matured bolls are opened in the field.

The lady pickers should be pursued to cover their heads to reduce the possibility of contamination of human hairs in the cotton, he added.

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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 18, 2016
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