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'Cancer' of fines; emails &letters.

WiTH regards to the story over drivers being fined for using bus lanes.

Is anyone really surprised at the extent of which motorists are being extorted? As, like a "cancer" across our city, the continued increase of bus lanes stifle all roads, to the detriment of other road users. Here's a novelty, why not allow cars with three or more people in them to use "bus lanes"? Similarly, why not penalise buses with no or few passengers, simply divert them away from town so they have to drop off at the "gyratory" on their way back out! Actually, "police" the boxed junctions in Lime Street and St John's Lane, to ensure that all traffic flows freely and doesn't back up due to the 30 foot of bus blocking the junction.

And, lastly, do away with the 24 hour bus lanes, the night buses no longer run, so what's the point in reserving lanes for non-existent traffic? With many more preferential routes to be enforced, perhaps it's time for the local motorist to make a better informed choice of council, come May? Bernie Hunt, Kensington Fields
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 13, 2012
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