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'Bul Bul' Review Roundup: Family Entertainer With Mass Elements.

Kannada actor Darshan's latest film, "Bul Bul" has received positive response from film critics.

"Bul Bul", which was released on a massive scale (150 theatres in Karnataka) on 10 May, is a remake of 2010 Telugu flick, "Darling".

Darshan, who has had three consecutive hits - "Saarathi", "Chingari", "Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna" - is back playing the lead role in "Bul bul" which is produced under his home banner.

Amar's (Ambareesh) son Vijay (Darshan) is in love with his childhood friend Kaveri (debutant Rachita Ram). Kaveri is the daughter of Vishwanath (Ashok) who is Amar's friend.

Another girl, Nisha (Ramya Bharana) falls in love with Vijay. She attempts suicide when Vijay rejects her proposal. This angers her don father (Sharath Lohithashwa) who forces Vijay to marry his daughter. Vijay fakes a story about his childhood love Kaveri and convinces the don.

Meanwhile, after many years of separation, Amar and his friends Vishwanath, Ramesha (Ramesh Bhat), Appa Rao ( Tennis Krishna) meet at a place to celebrate their friendship. During the reunion, Vijay happens to see Kaveri. He tries to impress her to win her heart.

In the process, the hero faces another issue. Rishi (Sridhar), son of Appa Rao is also trying to woo Kaveri. Vijay comes to know that Rishi is Appa Rao's nephew. Vijay's father promises Vishwanath that he would get Rishi and Kaveri get married. What happens next? Will Kaveri fall in love with Darshan? Will they reunite? What happens to Nisha? All these questions are answered as the film progresses.

The lead stars - Darshan and Rachita - have won laurels from film critics for their wonderful performance. "Bul Bul" is directed by MD Shridhar, who had worked with Darshan in "Porki". Film's scores have been composed by V. Harikrishna.

Here is what the critics have to say

( G.S. Kumar of The Times of India said

, "A remake of Telugu movie 'Darling', 'Bul Bul' has all the ingredients of a masala movie with perfect entertainment for the mass. A good show by director MD Sridhar who has aptly changed the script and given it a 'Desi touch' that is sure to keep Darshan fans in good mood. The narration is lively in the first half and takes a serious turn in the second half with a touching climax. Perhaps, the director can think of trimming the movie by at least 20 minutes to make it more enjoyable."

Heaping praises on the film's stars,

( Manjunath of Oneindia said

, "Darshan is hunky dory. He impresses audience in lover-boy role. His chemistry with newcomer Rachita Ram works well. Ambareesh fits the role and mouths a few punch dialogues. He surprises with his dance moves in the song, 'Junior senior...'."

"Rachita has tried hard to make an impact and she looks promising. Sharath Lohitashwa, who replaced Pradeep Rawat, is in his usual best. He has perfectly suited the role. Sharan's comedy scenes are good, Sadhu Kokila, Tennis and others have justified their roles."

( B Srivani of Deccan Herald said

, "Bul Bul is an out and out entertainer with Darshan having the most fun while Ambi gets to entertain his fans, old and new, as only he can."

"Unlike the usual format of a few fights, a few songs, a couple of comedy scenes and a semblance of a story crawling in between these, Bul Bul gets the mix of these elements right. It's only the film's length that scratches the patience thin."

"A V Krishnakumar's cinematography, Harikrishna's adequate music and the deft handling of the plot by Sridhar coupled with Soundar Raj's editing and action scenes make this Bul Bul a very pyaari, pyaari bird."
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Date:May 11, 2013
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