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'Brokeback' bravo.

* Bravo! for Chuck Colbert's personal story "My own 'Brokeback Mountain'" (NCR, Feb. 3). It was a pleasure to find such an open, honest, soul-bearing gay article in a Catholic publication.

I came out in the '80s and attended Mass with my partner for 6 years. Sadly, I left the church when I learned the monsignor didn't approve the "sin" of our loving relationship.

Prior to coming out, I was your typical parochial school-educated young man, last of the altar boys who said Mass in Latin. I married the college sorority girl I met at a local Newman Center. We both felt the family pressure to take the marital plunge due to our "getting on in years"--we were in our late 20s! We took the easy, granted not right, way out to please family, society and the church.

Mr. Colbert's article pretty much tells a common story.., unfortunately, Catholic or not, the gay truth was unacceptable, unspeakable and unforgivable in the cowboy Southwest when I married. Sad that living a lie became the safest and most acceptable way to live one's life.

Had the love repressed in "Brokeback Mountain" been allowed to express itself openly decades ago, I suspect the result would have been a good deal more honest, caring and loving relationships, fewer divorces and suicides, and the universal church may have spared many parishioners decades of much sadness, turmoil and confusion by acknowledging the truth of universal love.


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Date:Feb 24, 2006
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