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'Britain's Got Talent' Update: Performances in North Ireland; Bailey McConnell Wins Judges' Approval [Watch Video].

"Britain's Got Talent" continues to be more interesting. In the third episode of the auditions, various performances relatively pleased the judges, with even one emotional song that brought the audience to tears.

For the first time in the "Britain's Got Talent" history, the popular talent search show went to Northern Ireland for the Week 3 of the auditions. There are plenty of promising performances like the previous and placed a few hopefuls in the roster of early favourites. Meanwhile, the show entertained a little drama with Simon Cowell leaving the show before the final act to attend to his wife in the U.S. who is about to give birth to their son.

The show started with Oliver Moroney's Irish dancing with a broom. Simon Cowell seems not pleased with the "quite" hilarious performance, showing the judge rolling his eyes as Moroney starts. Cowell pressed his buzzer for the "No" while the three other judges gave him their "Yes."

Other performances that unfortunately received "No's" are John Power's "Anger Man" monologue with four buzzers despite David Walliam's buzzer fail. Gary James' "Del Boy" impersonation also received the same fate. The Rock n Roll Street Stars with their bed of nails and a hollow block brought the audience wondering what the performance is all about, apparently acquiring four "No's."

Despite the series of "No's", the Week 3 of the auditions did not end without good performances. The Innova Irish Dance Company impressed the judges with a surprising modern showcase of the traditional tap dance. Andrew Derbyshire, a Pop Idol hopeful who already auditioned for Simon Cowell in the past received a standing ovation from the judges after showing a powerful vocals in his version of Jocelyn Brown's classic "Somebody Else's Guy."

Micky Dumoulin, the 24-year-old supermarket worker became one of the season's early favourite with his rendition of "Bring Him Home" from the popular musical "Les Miserables." The judges commented of his performance as "moving, heartfelt, and genuine,"getting four easy "Yes." In his tearful state, Dumoulin thanked the judges while he can hope to "bring home" the award as well.

Moreover, Dumoulin's singing is not only the act to get the judges' approval. After Simon Cowell made his graceful exit, the final performance from 14-year-old boy Bailey McConnell receives a standing ovation from the audience with his self-written song he dedicates to his ex-bestfriend.

Bailey McConnell Wins Judges' Approval [Watch Video]
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