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'Brew Free or Die!' now available through Brewers Publications.

Brew Free or Die! now available through Brewers Publications

Brewers Publications has announced the release of Brew Free or Die! Beer and Brewing, Vol. 11, the book that educates homebrewers on all levels.

A compilation of the transcripts of the 1991 American Homebrewers Association National Conference on Quality Beer and Brewing, Brew Free or Die! provides the reader with helpful homebrewing information, tips, recipes, and more. Each of the book's 14 chapters is written by an expert brewer who has learned his or her trade through years of experience, according to Elizabeth Gold, Brewers Publications director.

Brewers can learn how to improve their brewing water in a chapter by Greg Noonan, author of Brewing Lager Beer and owner and brewer of the Vermont Pub and Brewery. Rodney Morris, a yeast expert, provides an in-depth talk on yeast--how to prepare clean yeast, its effect on over flavor, and aeration.

Additionally, pale ale becomes easier to make in the chapter by Terry Foster, author of Pale Ale and a brewer for 30 years. Also, Candy Schermerhorn, professional chef, homebrewer and author of the The Legendary Pizza and Beer, tells the secrets of cooking with beer and offers her recipes.

According to Gold, Brew Free or Die "is a must from every homebrewer." The book is available through Brewers Publications, Boulder, CO.
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Date:Dec 30, 1991
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