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'Bothering idols was a bad call' celebs.


BRUCE Willis has revealed he used to call big film stars just to let them know he is a "huge fan".

The Die Hard actor, 57, contacted the late Sorry, Wrong Number actress Barbara Stanwyck to praise her talents.

But at the time Bruce didn't realise he was "bothering" his idols.

He said: "I remember, back then, in my hubris, thinking everyone wants to see me.

"I called Barbara Stanwyck at the L'Ermitage Hotel, where she was spending the later years of her life.

"She says, 'Who is this?' Very cranky. 'It's Bruce Willis. I was just calling to say that I'm such a huge fan'. 'Oh. OK. Thank you'.

"My hubris exceeded my understanding of not bothering people. I don't make those calls anymore."

Bruce also said he thinks films have stopped being funny and added: "It would be a long time to think of the last funny movie I saw."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 21, 2013
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