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'Blood Drive' Episode 6 Spoilers: Arthur And Grace Get Kidnapped.

Arthur (Alan Ritchson) and Grace (Christina Ochoa) are going to meet a tribe of amazons in Season 1, episode 6 of "Blood Drive." But true to the show's twisted themes, these female warriors are anything but friendly.

According to ( "Blood Drive's" Syfy page , Arthur and Grace are kidnapped by the amazons described as "homicidal." In the ( trailer for the episode, the Amazons lock Arthur up, while the leader of the tribe seemingly tries to recruit Grace into joining their group.

"I need to get my sister," Grace reasons after the head amazon seemingly asked her to become a member of their group.

"You'll find many sisters here," the tribe leader replies.

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While the Amazons appear to consider Grace an equal, the same can't be said for Arthur. After being locked up in a cell, Arthur finds his hands and feet tied to four different posts, leaving him vulnerable to any form of attack. Interestingly, when the leader of the amazons starts hitting him with her weapon, the good cop manages to throw shade at the female fighter, saying, "Why are hot girls always so mean?"

Although it appears that getting ambushed by the amazons is a major setback for Arthur and Grace, who are still competing in the Blood Drive, the amazons can actually help the pair find Karma's (Alex McGregor) whereabouts. According to the ( synopsis for the episode, the Amazons "hold a clue" about the location of Grace's sister.

At the end of ( Season 1, episode 5 , Slink (Colin Cunningham) told Grace where Karma was moved to following her stint from Kane Hill Mental Hospital. "Today the Blood Drive takes a detour," Slink tells Grace after she and Arthur successfully cured Slink's mayhemmers from the disease called Dionysus Strain. "Karma was transferred from Kane Hill to the Claireview Rehabilitation Center For Women. I've re-routed the next leg [of Blood Drive] to take you right past it. Now, if you want to take that time to find your little sister, fine by me. But if you're the last one across that finish line, rules still apply."

Can Arthur and Karma save Grace and manage not to be eliminated from the race? Find out in "Blood Drive" Season 1, episode 6, airing on Wednesday, July 19 at 10 p.m. EDT on Syfy.

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