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'Big Brother Australia' 4th Nomination Recap: Fresh Faces Up for Eviction [VIDEO].

"Big Brother Australia" fourth nomination has seen new faces on Wednesday night. Previously unnominated housemates Lawson, Jason and Sam are now on the chopping block along with Sandra, Priya and Travis.

Hotel Guests and Staff

The housemates have been divided into two groups, the staff and guests of the Big Brother hotel. The guests were chosen by Head of House Cat, and included the previous nominees, Cat, Aisha, Skye, David, Jake, Travis and Lisa. The rest of the housemates - Lawson, Priya, Sandra, Sam, Ryan, Jason and Leo - were tasked to be the hotel staff and should cater to all the needs of the guests.

As with every master-servant task like such, bitterness and resentment are inescapable feelings. The staff have been hating on some guests who they thought were feeling a little bit entitled.

The general consensus of the group was that Aisha and Skye were the most difficult guests in the group. Lawson, who had been Aisha's partner upon entering the house, has begun to see Aisha's unpleasant side. He even admitted the other day that he now has regrets giving Aisha the $20,000 Perfect Pair cash prize after Aisha has treated him like a true servant.

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"She has surprised me with this task," Lawson told his fellow staff members, adding how demanding Aisha has been with them.

The group also noticed how Skye has been eating a lot of sweets and ordering the staff to "fetch" things. Thus, a plan was hatched. The staff agreed that they would bombard the 20-year-old barista with sweets so that she would be unable to resist temptation.

Day Spa Drama

It was supposed to be a relaxing day for hotel guest Aisha at the day spa, but it became a traumatic experience under Sam and Priya's hands. Sam went overboard in manhandling Aisha during the treatment, and Priya did not stop him and even went along with it. After the treatment, Aisha felt she was abused.

This had led Travis to comfort her and ask Sam to apologise to her. Sam, however, didn't like how Travis confronted him, saying Aisha should have gone straight to him if she had a problem with him. Aisha denied sending Travis, and Travis was hurt that Aisha claimed she told him not to confront Sam.

It was meant to be a short drama that could have been resolved with a few words, but the involved housemates' hidden dislike of one another has aggravated the situation.


The tables have turned, and the previously beloved housemates are now up for eviction. Nominees now include Lawson (12 points), Sandra (10), Jason (9), Priya (7), Sam (6) and Travis (6). The only housemate, save for Leo, who hasn't been up for eviction yet is Ryan.

Intruder Leo hasn't been in the house for a full week, and therefore has been exempt from nominating and being nominated. With how some housemates have been thinking about him, it's a good thing that he couldn't be nominated yet.

Head of House Cat had the Deadly Dozen nomination superpower for the week. She had 12 points to nominate, but a point would be dedicated from her for every name she would like to see on the board. She asked to see her name, Travis, Sam and Priya on the board.

Here's the tally:

Skye - Lawson (4), Sam (1)

David - Jason (3), Lawson (2)

Jason - Lawson (3), Sandra (2)

Priya - Lawson (3), Sandra (2)

Ryan - Cat (3), Jason (2)

Sam - Travis (3), Priya (2)

Sandra - Travis (3), Skye (2)

Lawson - Skye (3), Jason (2)

Aisha - Sandra (3), Sam (2)

Travis - Sandra (3), Jason (2)

Cat - Sam (3), Priya (5)

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