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'Bananas' Books.

'Bananas' Books

Crabtree Publishers

350--5th Ave. #3308, New York NY 10118

Different levels of guided reading chapter books allow kids to learn at clear levels, building stepping stones to comprehension in the form of graded reads with exciting plots and skills levels appropriate to need. Three stories in one mark each Green Bananas book, with new additions including Lynne Rickards and Rosalind Beardshaw's JACK'S BED (0778710289), about monsters under the bed and a guard leopard; Valerie Wilding and Maria Maddocks' DIGGERS AND DUMPERS (0778710300), telling of a playtime disaster over friends and a broken toy; Elizabeth Laird, Roz Davison and David Sim's JUNGLE SCHOOL (0778710262), telling of a first day at school and monkeys who may stare because she's in a wheelchair; Sue Mayfield and Rochelle Padua's I CAN, YOU CAN, TOUCAN! (0778710327), tells of three very different best friends who all have their insecurities. Can they help each other's differences? New to the 'Red Bananas' for ages 5-8 is Mary Arrigan and Korky Paul's PA JINGLEBOB AND THE GRABBLE GANG (0778710742), telling of a town uproar when a railroad is slated to go right through its center, and Julia Donaldson's THE QUICK BROWN FOX CUB (0778710807) tells of a little fox who wants to go on adventures during the day, when he should be sleeping. The 'Blue Bananas' series for ages 5-7 holds two fine stories: Jane Clarke's PLODNEY CREEPER, SUPERSLOTH (0778708500) tells of a sloth who doesn't move slowly like all the others--but his teacher still thinks he's very special and destined for greatness. Michael Morpurgo's MAIRI'S MERMAID (0778708519) tells for Mairi, who can't swim even when she pretends she's a mermaid. How can she pretend to have such a skill when she doesn't even know if mermaids are real? 'Yellow Bananas' reaches ages 8-10 with exciting themes and adventures. Michael Morpurgo's SNAKES AND LADDERS (0778709523) tells of a fearful girl who isn't afraid of her grandfather's snake. When he escapes during show and tell, it's up to Wendy to rescue him. Malachy Doyle and Sholto Walker's LONG GRAY NORRIS (0778709566) tells of young Brendan, who loves a challenge and meets his match in Long Gray Norris, who beats him at all games and who is evil. Anne fine's COUNTDOWN (0778709582) tells of a boy stuck in his room all day alone to prove a gerbil's life isn't so bad. Could he really be doing a kind thing by buying a gerbil? Mary Hoffman's DRACULA'S DAUGHTER (077870954X) tells of an abandoned child adopted by a couple who find as she grows that she appears to be a vampire. All are appealing, easy readers which promise to fill the gap between picturebook and middle school reader.
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Title Annotation:Jack's Bed; Diggers and Dumpers; Jungle School; PA Jinglebob and the Grabble Gang; The Quick Brown Fox Cub; Mairi's Mermaid; Snakes and Ladders; Dracula's Daughter
Publication:California Bookwatch
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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