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THE father of a boy sexually abused by a priest said yesterday: "Sean Brady's inaction allowed us all to suffer at the hands of a devil in a dog collar."

The dad of three, who lived in the Diocese of Down and Connor at the time, said his entire world collapsed under the pressure of clerical abuse that started in 2001.

Disgraced priest James Donaghy, pictured below, was convicted of sex crimes against the teenager 10 years later.

He was found guilty of 23 sex abuse charges against three men including the teen between June 1983 and December 2000.

Last night the father of one of the abused said: "Sean Brady should step down immediately. His lack of action led to so much abuse and he should be made to pay for that with his job at the very least.

y to so much abuse uld be made that with he very "James Donaghy knew he was safe targeting my family because with people like Brady in charge there was no deterrent.

cha e s ew fe g y h en re not. hy's e was "Donaghy's arrogance was legion.

alCw ieved the Church "He believed the Catholic Church over up fo to an liv se tio would cover up for him and he took the chance and ruined our lives for his own sexual gratification and sense of ego and power.

eg"ha 19 lik "If Sean Brady had stood up in 1975 and acted like a man, and a ma bro am man of God, and brought sex crimes amongst the priests to the attention of the RUC, I feel we would have had some protection from Donaghy who arrived at our door in 2001.

"There would have been a deterrent to the Devil's work that goes on inside the Catholic Church.

"But James Donaghy brought the heart of darkness into my home.

"I mistakenly thought I'd opened the door to a man of God, a man in a dog collar.

"But I let in the very Devil himself, a predator who fed on my family and broke us apart."

John - not his real name - battled for years to rescue his teenage son from the clutches of the paedophile priest but he said the entire family had fallen under his spell.

He added: "Donaghy started with my wife and me. He was so charming and nice that we both fell for it for a while.

"But I came out of the trance to see the truth and discovered my wife had fallen for him. She put me out of the house and that's when Donaghy started targeting my sons.

"It took me 10 years to get my children together again - 10 years spent waiting for justice and finally in December last year Donaghy was convicted.

"My marriage ended, my family was blown apart and it was only after a long struggle that the truth came out.

"Now we are just trying to get on with our lives. I'm thankful that my son has finally come back to me.

"He has had many years of counselling to get over the trauma of what he was subjected to.

"His mother, who left me for Donaghy, is living alone and struggling with severe illness as a direct result of what we went through.

g y, g gling with severe direct result went thro "Sean not ab or affa wa roa "Sean Brady did not abuse my son or have an affair with my wife but his actions, or rather lack of actions against priests he knew were abusing children and families are just as bad and should be punished.

pk a ch fam just and s punished. "A good "A good man would not turn a blind eye to these crimes.

"A good man would not ignore suspicions that little boys are being raped.

"A good man would fight with every fibre in his body to right the wrongs or at the very least fight for someone in power to bring this, the ultimate form of bullying, to an end.

"And that's what I did. I spent the last decade of my life fighting for my family and, while we've won, we're very battle-scarred and bitter.

"Sean Brady says he simply took notes about child sex abuse.

"Now we can see that he was the named investigator and did nothing purposeful to prevent any other abuse.

"If I was aware of a serious crime being committed and failed to prevent or report it, I would be punished by the law. Sean Brady deserves no less, Cardinal or not.

"A dog collar should not free anyone from the arm of the law.

"A stretch in jail for what I believe are crimes against humanity might wake him up to what the rest of us have had to live through for years because of his cowardice."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 2, 2012
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