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'BAN THESE LESBIAN SEX SHOCK ROCKERS' 'Evil' stage show outcry.


A LESBIAN rock band who perform sex acts and occult ceremonies live on stage have been branded "evil" and "bloody dreadful" by authorities trying to keep them out of Wales.

They are hoping to ban controversial band Rockbitch from going ahead with a performance at a Gwent nightclub.

The shock rockers - made up of six women who live together on a 'sex commune' in France - play their heavy metal music naked but for leather straps and chains.

Describing their act as a "sex-ritual stage show", the members of Rockbitch carry out outrageous sex acts on each other during their shows, often using a variety of sex toys.

Now Rockbitch are on their way to Newport, to play at Jester's Nightclub in Stow Hill - and locals are furious.

The Rev Peter Wood of Newport's Summerhill Baptist Church said: "Ultimately, it's going to be promoting evil.

"This is a challenge to the values of the whole of Western society. It's going to be used to promote something unnatural.

"It's going to open the door to something dangerous, especially for the young people this group no doubt seeks to attract.

"This is another example of the promotion of a free sex, do-anything attitude which is robbing us of any values at all.

"It's important we don't just dismiss these people and their views as a joke - it's actually very dangerous and a threat to our whole values system, from a moral perspective. I certainly think we should not accept this in Newport."

And local councillor Gary Brown said the show should be made illegal.

"It sounds bloody dreadful, " he said.

"If people have to rely on sickness and filth to make a few bob, then it can't be called entertainment and shouldn't be allowed anywhere.

"We can't have anything like this going on in Newport. I would certainly not let my children go and see a show like this. I'd hope the council's licensing department would take a very dim view.

"I think we should all get together - the council, the magistrates, the police - and stop this."

But the man who is bringing Rockbitch to Newport, local promoter Mike Jones, thinks the objectors are getting in a flap over nothing.

"They're just expressing their women's sexuality, " said Mike, who also controversially brought former drug dealer Howard Marks to Newport for a show.

"Yes, it's an outrageous show, yes it's very in-your-face. But if you don't like it, don't go and see it - it's as simple as that. What about freedom of speech and expression? How long was Lady Chatterley's Lover banned?"

Commenting on the possibility of the Rockbitch show contravening the obscenity laws, Mike said: "My understanding is they'll be all right as long as they're doing it among themselves, and not to members of the audience."

Rockbitch - who have been featured on saucy TV show Eurotrash - invite their fans to join their "inner circle" and become a "Holy Whore of the ancient traditions or a genuine Son of the Bitch".

On their website, the band say: "Rockbitch are expressing their lifestyle - a pagan, pro-sex, feminine utopia, a rhetoric missile composed of the music we love and an in-ya-face sex-ritual stage show. Sex is Holy to us - if you do just want flesh, then you're most welcome. If you want information, truth, which is also sacred, we hope you find what you're looking for."

BANNED IN WALES. . . FIVE SHOWS THAT HAVE CAUSED A STIR 1. Monty Python's Life of Brian: In 1980, a Swansea councillor said he'd been physically sick after watching the Python team's spoof religious epic. So his colleagues banned the film from being shown in the town's cinemas. The ban stayed in place for an incredible 17 years. In that time, it was shown on TV about as often as The Italian Job, perhaps making the sickly councillor ill all over again!

2. Xsensual 2000: It was meant to turn Cardiff's International Arena into a giant sex shop for three days. Like a sexy version of the Ideal Home Exhibition, more than 50 'adult product' firms were to have turned up to display their risque wares, while lap dancers provided the entertainment. But the evangelical Christian Institute got it stopped by invoking the 1780 Sunday Observance Act, and all the smutty book vendors had to go elsewhere for the weekend.

3. Puppetry of the Penis: More problems in Swansea as nude Aussie performance artists Simon Morley and David Friend swung into town for a one-night stand at the Grand Theatre. But their unusual brand of entertainment wasn't to the taste of 400 people who signed a petition begging the council to ban the rude boys. Meanwhile, all 450 tickets were sold, with a waiting list of another 200. You don't have to be a genius to work out who won this battle.

4. Crash: When David Cronenberg's film of JG Ballard's novel came to Cardiff, not everyone saw it as a dark satire. It was full of twisted fantasies of people turned on by car crashes, but that wasn't what bothered the council's licensing committee. Coun Fred Hornblow of Cathays said: "I was disturbed because so many cars are stolen." The council duly refused the film a license, although this seemed to have little effect on auto-crime statistics in the city.

5. Centaur job ads: Swansea again, this time for Richie Rees, his male strip troupe and the problems they had advertising for new recruits. When Richie tried to put ads for 'revue dancers' in Gorseinon and Swansea JobCentres, staff told him ads for the sex industry were not welcome. Richie objected that his ad was for dancers. A DoE spokesman retorted: "You might get a ballet dancer applying and then being told to take his clothes off. We wouldn't want that to occur."


SHOCK AND ROLL: Members of the outrageous Rockbitch - their on-stage antics have been branded evil and subversive
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 9, 2001
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