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'Apex Legends' Battle Pass Announced.

In the aftermath of the success of ( "Apex Legends ," several leaks have popped up that teased what was to come for EA and Respawn's battle royale hit. Among those leaks was the ( early details of the game's battle pass , a staple of other battle royale games like "Fortnite" and "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4." 

But fans no longer have to speculate about what the first battle pass for "Apex Legends" will include.

EA and Respawn announced the first season "Wild Frontier" on the ( "Apex Legends" official website  along with the first season's battle pass.

The most notable addition coming to the game is the brand new legend, Octane. His inclusion confirms previous leaks, which had teased his physical appearance. As his name implies, players can get a speed boost at the cost of hit points that can be regenerated over time. Octane's ultimate ability will be a launch pad to give players an extra boost to their jump or help with escaping engagements.

A new season also brings with it some new free content for "Apex Legends" players to start grinding for in-game. Players will be able to earn a Wild Frontier Legend skin for Octane, along with five new Apex Packs and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Packs.

For anyone interested in the battle pass, it will provide even more content to grind for during Wild Frontier. Right off the bat, players will get Wild Frontier Legend Skins for Wraith, Mirage, and Lifeline to give those legends a fresh look. After that, players can start grinding to unlock over 100 new unique items.

What should set Respawn's battle pass apart from Epic Games' battle pass is the progression. "Apex Legends" players will be able to earn those new rewards via experience points. "Fortnite," on the other hand, has used a challenge system for item unlocks for battle pass owners. However, Respawn hasn't completely detailed how the progression system will work yet.

The Wild Frontier Battle Pass will be available for $9.50 along with a $28 option that unlocks your next 25 levels instantly.

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Date:Mar 19, 2019
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