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'American Horror Story' S9 Takes Us Back To '80s Slashers.

"American Horror Story" Season 9 is approaching, with the release of its highly anticipated trailer for "." In the 8 years that the American anthology horror series has been running on television, it has brought viewers to a plethora of settings - through a murder house, an asylum, a freak show, a hotel - thus adding to the whole appeal of the show.A

The release of the "" ( trailer last Tuesday brought much buzz to fans of the horror show, especially with the new angle they have found to continue for their upcoming season. The ninth season will take on the genre of eighties slashers, bringing back some fond memories of Camp Crystal Lake and the famed hockey-mask-wearing serial killer, Jason.

Interestingly, the newly released trailer takes us back not only to the "Friday The 13th" lore but also to cult classic comedy "Wet Hot American Summer." The underrated 2001 comedy focuses on a group of counselors' last day at camp, and much like that of AHS: 1984's trailer, they go into a truck to let loose, followed by an increasingly dark montage of increasingly horrible acts.

The ninth installment to the "American Horror Story" series is set to showcase the slasher era of horror films and will follow a group of friends who areA heading for summer camp. Once at Camp Redwood, a masked killer will be brought under the spotlight, with him terrorizing the group and, possibly, other campers.

The new teaser for "American Horror Story" Season 9 shows the friends' road trip to the camp. At some point, the masked killer - who bears a large knife - is shown lurking under the moving pickup truck. Later on in the trailer, the same knife-bearing killer springs up from the water and stabs an unsuspecting victim - in a very '80s slasher-movie-style killshot.

"AHS: 1984" is set to see some familiar faces in the AHS universe: Emma Roberts, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman Billie Lourd and John Carroll Lynch, among others. Many fan ( theories A haveA been made about the series, spoiling possible "extraterrestrial" encounters, especially with the large hype made after "Asylum" first released aliens. Also, unfortunately, despite Ryan Murphy's announcement that the Coven Witches will return, it will not yet be in this current installment.

Much can be expected from the series, but the story is yet to end, with the show officially being renewed for Season 10. The newest season of FX's much-awaited horror television series "" is set to premiere on Sept 18.

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Publication:Latin Times
Date:Aug 2, 2019
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