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'Al-Cow-Da' In 'Lynchistan'.

India, July 10 -- India's escalating lynching sports by the cow vigilantes is being viewed by the western world and other developing countries as barbaric acts in 'Lynchistan.' The ancient blood-curdling sporting of the Roman arena is being replicated in India by making Indian streets strewn with the blood of people belonging to minority communities. The Washington Post, quoting IndiaSpend, a data journalism non-profit organization, highlighted that " cow-related attacks, which had been relatively infrequent, have increased sharply under Modi's regime. Between 2010 and 2017, 84 percent of those killed were Muslims." BBC News reported that "...ever since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in the summer of 2014, vigilante cow protection groups have been emboldened and there have been numerous attacks on Muslims and Dalits, for whom beef is a staple." Much of the Indian media, on the other hand, is submissively following the Animal Farm rules.

The 'Neros' who are holding the lever of power at the Centre and in some States are suffering from the 'foot in the mouth disease' as they are either silently advocating or violently instigating the lynching sports of the cow maniacs. Now, Muslim women are saying enough is enough. They are tired of seeing their community targeted by the bloody victimisation drama. They did not take Prime Minister Modi seriously when he mourned the death of 16-year-old Junaid Khan, killed in the assault carried out by a mob of about 20 men during a train journey. A blaring FB post has appropriately highlighted that 'Al-Cow-Da' is here in place of 'Al-Que-Da'.

The recent gory act of lynching Alimuddin, alias Asgar Ali, in Jharkhand's Ramgarh district by a mad mob of 100 people has escalated the seething anger of the minority community. If the women are saying that "they would pick up arms against the self-style cow protectors" (, it is time for the nation to sit up and take note of the rottenness of the state of affairs. If this rot further festers, not only Muslim women, but tribal women and women of other minority communities would be out on the street with their male counterparts with whatever they can get hold of to avenge the marauding mania of the majority community.

People are disillusioned with the police. And angry too for their connivance and collaboration! The mere suspicion of people carrying beef or escorting cows for slaughter can be flared up by spreading rumours. Even if people are carrying beef, who the hell are these bloody cow protectors to take criminal action against such people? Who gave them legal authority and impunity to execute such illegal 'mob justice'? What are the police and the courts for? Why are the police in BJP-ruled States proving that they are in cahoots with the lynching maniacs?' These are the common questions many sensible people are asking. If fanatical sections of the majority community do not respect the existing laws and legal systems of the land and indulge in mob lynching, then they are provoking the members of the victimised communities to defend their life and property with whatever means the latter can. The law of the land provides space for self-defence. But, then, as it often happens, such self defence against marauding crowds can escalate into open warfare between warring groups. Will the BJP leaders want to see such an eventuality? God forbid! Will Narendra Modi fiddle with his mouth organ while India will burn?

Take Note, Mr. Modi. Make sure that you do not preside over an empire being reduced to the rubble of violence and the stench of inhumanity. Why are the principles of a secular and democratic India with freedom of conscience being replaced by blood-spilling acts of maniacs belonging to your majority community? Who gave them licence for such illegal criminality? Why are your Party's sadhus and sadvins vomiting visceral invectives against other religious groups? Why are your toxic political leaders terrorising people of other communities by telling them that they are either second class citizens or non-citizens? Is there an attempt to rewrite India's sacred Constitution to convert India into the Ram Rajya of your hidden agenda? We are seeing sinister signs daily. The civil servants who vow allegiance to the noble values of the Constitution are being replaced by 'bhakts' vowing allegiance to the Hindu Rashtravad. Christian churches and worshipping places are targeted and destroyed. Muslims are being victimized with the false accusation of beef eating or of beef carrying. The tribals who eat all sorts of meat including beef are told that they were one time Hindus, but not Aryans, of course, and, hence, ought to give up beef eating or face the consequences. Did not your unleashing the hornets in the North-east with the cow-cause boomerang with the resignation of your Party M.P from that area?

India is in ferment. "Say Jai Sri Ram or we will burn you down.' The threat by a saffron mob to a Muslim journalist in Bihar! Adding insult to injury to Bharat Mata is the latest threat by RSS Mahanagar Pramukh Kundan Chandrawat. Speaking at an event backed by the RSS in Ujjain, Chadrawat called for Kerala Chief Minister Pinaray Vijayan's head on a platter for an exchange of Rupees one crore. He publicly reminded the cheering Hindu mob of 'the pride of Shivaji' in the blood of the Hindus. His message to the Marxists was: "You have killed 300 pracharaks and activists; we will present Bharat Mata with a garland of 300,000 skulls in return. Leftists, beware." Addressing the Muslims, he thundered glorifying the Godhra massacre, saying: "You killed 56, we sent 2000 to kabristan..." (The WIRE STAFF, FB Post). Can anything be more heinous, more atrocious, and more toxic than this? The showdown is underway. On one hand there is the Prime Minister's globe-trotting spree offering red-carpet welcome to foreign investors to 'make in India' in 'Swachh Bharat', while, on the other, there is the attempt to hide under his polished jacket the image of the 'Ugly Indian' who presides over a lynching, sagging and rotting empire. Ramchandra Guha's words are a telling commentary on the state of affairs: "Hindu liberalism, once so vigorous and on the ascendant, is increasingly besieged, as the leadership of the community passes into the hands of bigots and reactionaries." (Hindustan Times)

God save India not only from cow maniacs, from bigots, and from fanatical outfits, but also from their patrons who want to rewrite India's sacred Constitution and to thwart the secular foundations of India! The most recent coming together of people of all walks of life demonstrating '#Not In My Name' should be taken by the Modi dispensation as 'the writing on the wall.' From the northeast comes a strong message from concerned citizens: "We...are deeply concerned about the way in which our motherland is being destroyed by limiting forms of patriotism in the name of religion and other sectoral identities. The silence of the political class, fear of retaliation in the general public and the failure of the media to take a strong stand against these forces dividing the country are unacceptable...We appeal to all fellow citizens to condemn the atrocities and uphold the diversity of the northeast and the rest of the country." (Facebook Post, Walter Fernandez and other signatories)

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Publication:Indian Currents
Date:Jul 10, 2017
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