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'ATLA Extras' blends programs to provide quality products and services.

For several years, ATLA has offered its members two programs that provide high-quality products and services from outside companies: the ATLA Advantage Program and the Exchange Alliance Program. ATLA has now blended these programs into one comprehensive collection of professional and personal benefits for members: ATLA Extras.

ATLA Extras companies are carefully selected by ATLA to supplement its own resources for enhancing members' professional growth and busy personal lives. Participation in these programs helps financially support ATLA's mission.

Most ATLA Extras offer a discount to members. Some serve specific law firm needs and provide high-quality, customized services at competitive rates.

ATLA Extras currently include:

* Accelerated online dispute resolution

* Client communications, such as Web site development and customized newsletters

* Conference-calling services

* Credit card merchant services

* Financial services, including contingency case financing

* Group insurance protection

* Medical literature and research services

* Office and practice management software

* Online focus groups

* Online medical demonstrative evidence

* Programs and certificate courses for paralegals

* Shipping and overnight services

* Travel programs

* Verdict and settlement news and research

* Voir dire questions, all trial-tested.

New ATLA Extras will be announced in 2006. For more information, visit, or call (800) 424-2725 or (202) 965-3500, ext. 676 or ext. 277. Some ATLA Extras products and services are available to regular, life, sustaining, and President's Club members only. For a complete list of ATLA Extras companies and their contact information, see page 42.
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Title Annotation:ATLA IN MOTION
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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