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Byline: By LIZ KEEN South Wales Echo

A woman has relived the moment armed police descended on her quiet street after reports of a gunman on the loose. Jolene Morgan told Cardiff Crown Court there were half a dozen officers in Salmon Close, Penylan, Cardiff, after a man was said to have been pointing a shotgun at one of the houses.

An hour later, female staff at the Victoria Fish Bar, in Whitchurch, Cardiff, were terrified by a man who pointed a double-barrel sawn- off shotgun at them, before robbing the till.

Paul Chambers, 38, of Flaxland Avenue, Gabalfa, Cardiff, was arrested for both offences, but during a trial, denied any involvement.

Yesterday, Ms Morgan, a former girlfriend of Chambers' son, Craig, said a friend later told her she had seen the father and son near Salmon Close in a parked car shortly before the incident there.

And because of that, they took mobile phone pictures they had taken of Chambers at a party a month earlier, to show them to witness Mahmood Halool, who had seen the street gunman loading the shotgun.

'We went to his house because we thought we knew who it was. I explained we had a picture we wanted to show him and he invited us in,' she told the jury.

Her friend Rebecca Jones-Westcott, who also lives in Salmon Close, said she definitely saw Paul Chambers and his son Craig in a car but added: 'I wasn't suggesting they had done it.'

She denied an accusation from Chambers' barrister David Leathley that she was a 'nosey busybody' out to spite Craig Chambers by putting it about that his father was to blame.

Mr Leathley alleged: 'You set out to give Mr Halool a nudge by showing him the picture - it's mischief-making by young women after a falling-out with a young man.'

Ms Jones-Westcott told him: 'I had no idea who it (the gunman) was - I had just seen Paul and Craig nearby.

'I am not biased and I have no grudge against them.'

Chambers denies robbery and firearm offences.

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Title Annotation:News Ban Young Guns
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 11, 2006
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