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'91 U.S. hop crop is best in decade.

According to a report from Hopunion U.S.A., the 1991 United States hop harvest totalled more than 34,548 tons. The result showed an increase of more than 6,000 tons when compared to 1990's crop and the largest crop since 1982.

The report's figures, released by the United States Department of Agriculture and Hop Growers of America, disclosed a per-acre yield of 1,748 pounds-per-acre harvested from 39,553 acres in the three predominant hop growing states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The year's yield was the highest since the 1987 season. The large crop was attributed mainly to the more than 4,000 additional acres planted in 1991.

The variety Galena was the single largest producer, as more than 7,500 tons were harvested. The greatest yields were attributed to the Washington-grown Aquila variety, which yielded 2,500 pounds-per-acre. The fuggle variety was the least-produced hop, totalling only 187 tons in 1991.

According to the report, aroma varieties exceeded 25 percent of total production in 1991, with the balance being Cluster, High Alpha and experimental varieties.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 9, 1992
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