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 KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint (NYSE: FON) today reported it has gained more than 28,000 new "800" phone numbers since customers around the nation were given the right this summer to freely change their long distance carriers.
 Based on projections after the first 120 days of "portability," the gains will translate to an additional $135 million in "800 service" revenue during the first full year following hook-up of these new customers.
 Some of the companies most recently selecting or re-signing with Sprint for 800 service include Cooper Industries; Kelly Services; Mr. Coffee; Bankers Trust; Barclay's Bank PLC; EXECUTONE Information Systems, Inc.; Sysco Corporation; Lever Brothers; Tyco Toys; Houghton- Mifflin; Taco Bell; Tellabs Inc.; the First Commerce Corporation; the First American Bank of Nashville; Trendar Corporation; Uarco; Safety Kleen; and the Jones Motor Group.
 "During the first 120 days of portability, the number of 800 numbers served by Sprint grew 15 percent," said David W. Dorman, president, Sprint's Major Accounts Group. "That underscores anew how much this market wanted the benefits of competition and how many customers are selecting Sprint for service.
 "And portability has not ended," Dorman said. "This is just the first four months' results. The battles will rage from here on out. We're still seeing significant pent-up demand and a continuing heavy flow of orders."
 The net increase of more than 28,000 numbers reflects gains and losses during the first 120 days of the 800 competitive fray. The net gain equals a won/loss ratio of 2-to-1 against the entire industry, since Sprint has signed up more than 55,000 new 800 numbers.
 Last May 1, the Federal Communications Commission officially injected competition into the 800 industry by allowing customers to move their numbers to a different carrier without giving up the number. Thus for the first time, a company that had devoted much time and money to publicizing a particular 800 number could shop for the best service without being artificially tied down.
 The FCC's decision opened up to competition a fast-growing $7.5 billion a year industry. In doing so, the commission also ruled that large, so-called Tariff 12 customers of AT&T could move their business during a 90-day "Fresh Look" period even if their contract had not expired.
 Among the more recent customers cited in the list above, Cooper Industries is one that falls into the "Fresh Look" category.
 The contract with the Houston-based Cooper Industries calls for Sprint to provide a wide variety of services, ranging from 800 circuits to high-speed data transmission to Virtual Private Networks. Cooper is a major multinational corporation with some 350 locations domestically and several more overseas.
 Earlier this year, Sprint announced a number of other customers who had signed up for 800 services, including such firms as the Grumman Corp.; MobiLink; CIC Enterprises; Synthes USA; Advo Inc.; Reynolds & Reynolds; and Norwest.
 "As these customers can attest, we are providing extremely reliable 800 service and helping these firms solve their communications problems," concluded Dorman. "We have made a commitment to all our customers to be there for them now, and that's exactly what we're doing. The users of 800 are the true beneficiaries of a competitive marketplace."
 As for some of the other new customers:
 -- Sysco Corporation. The largest food service distributor in the United States, Sysco Corporation has signed a new contract to enlarge its inbound 800 services as well as add Electronic Data Interchange services and a high-speed frame relay network for data. The contract is valued at roughly $42 million over the next three years.
 -- Bankers Trust. This prominent U.S. bank has signed a three-year, $15 million contract with Sprint for inbound 800, global data services and outbound voice. Bankers Trust will be using the 800 services for a variety of applications, supporting operation centers in Los Angeles and Nashville. Sprint also is providing Global Virtual Private Network service to offices in Australia, Japan and England.
 -- Barclay's Bank PLC. This international name in banking has signed a multi-million dollar contract for both voice and data services to its North American-based facilities. One of the key components of the deal was the shifting of 800 circuits thanks to portability.
 -- EXECUTONE Information Systems, Inc. This national company, which designs, manufactures, markets and supports voice processing and health care communications equipment, has selected Sprint to provide enhanced inbound services that improve the level of service offered to its customers as well as its technicians. The contract is valued at more than $6 million over three years.
 -- Tyco. This household name (certainly to kids and parents) has signed a two-year deal with Sprint for 800 services. The circuits will be used to support both customer service and automated order entry applications. Tyco also is using SprintNet(SM) to handle international communications.
 -- Mr. Coffee. Another household name, this company recently inked a three-year deal with Sprint as its exclusive 800 service provider. Sprint also is providing FONCARDS(SM) and international links to the Bedford Heights, Ohio,

 -- Jones Motor Group. This nationwide trucking company, based in Pennsylvania, has shifted all its 800 business to Sprint from MCI. Jones Motor is using its 800 lines to support drivers making deliveries as well as customer service inquiries.
 Sprint is a diversified international telecommunications company with more than $10 billion in annual revenues and the United States' only nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network. Its divisions provide global long distance voice, data and video products and services, local telephone services to more than 6 million subscriber lines in 19 states, and cellular operations that serve 42 metropolitan markets and more than 50 rural service areas.
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