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' We don't want a large showbiz wedding.. it's a small do & a huge dress!' BIG SUNDAY INTERVIEW KAREN KOSTER.


LOVED-UP KAREN KOSTER is counting down the days to her wedding in June.

The Xpose presenter will marry in romantic Italy where her fiance John McGuire got down on bended knee and popped the question last summer.

She told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "We are getting married during the first week of June in Taormina in Sicily - I am really excited."

However, the popular TV3 star revealed her Xpose colleagues won't be at the nuptials as she and John have opted for an intimate family wedding.

Karen said: "To be honest a small family wedding was always the plan and going abroad was part of that, it won't be showbizzy at all.

"The girls are cool with it. It'll be all about the end-off. A small wedding, big dress - that's my plan."

The dress in question has already been chosen after Karen fell in love with the first one she tried on.

She added: "I know it's cliched but that's what happened. I ended up getting the first dress I tried on d up getting ried on in the White Room in Mullingar.

"I went to another three shops and tried on about 30 but went back to the first one - I adore it."

e " Her older sister Zoe and best friend Julie, who she's known since they were tots, will be bridesmaids.d s s, Karen said: "I haven't done anything about their dresses yet but I am looking forward to putting them into something gorgeous." ne es rd ng " The 31-year-old has just about got over the shock of John's surprise proposal last June.ust of ast She gushed: "He is just the best guy I have ever met in my life, anyone I have ever met. the my "He is the one person who makes me laugh a lot. I think he is absolutely gorgeous and I just adore his company and I look forward to going home from work just to hang out with him every i "Th h l h b evening." The happy couple have been living together for 18 months so marriage won't be too big a change. Karen added: "We just did our premarriage course last weekend and I thought this will go either way - it will either open a can of worms or cement us and thankfully it cementeted us It was us and thankfully it cemented us. It was interesting for a day and a half learning all about each other so please God we will go the distance."

But Karen is not expecting to turn into Bridezilla any day soon as she believes having the wedding abroad removes some of the pressure. She said: "Once you get the logistics sorted, the flights and accommodation booked, it's fine.

remov She sai logistics s accommodatio "It's kind of "It's kind of good because you can't fuss too much about singers or bands or flowers because you are based here so you haven't that many options.

"I am going on the recommendations of the planner. I've been very lucky so far. Taormina is probably one of John's favourite places so that probably made the planning a lot easier."

And taking it all in her stride, she joked: "I booked the hotel over the internet and I haven't even seen it so God knows it could be Fawlty Towers. I don't know what I've signed up for.

"It will be something like the venga bus going over on the Aer Lingus fligh"because there will be about 50 of us.

"It is going to be a hoot - that's what I'm looking forward to being on holidays with my family and close friends."

Half Dutch - her father is from Rotterdam - Karen has been with Xpose

from the start and loves it.

She added: "I'll be there six years in April and I am still really enjoying it. I think you are always lucky to have work in TV because it is such a fickle, unpredictable world. I'm just happy to keep the head down andkeep working away."

Karen also appreciates the friend" ships she has with her GLAMOROUSco-presenters, and insisted: "Thereis no rivalry or cattiness at all.

"I am mad about the girls, I wouldn'thave a bad word said against anyof them.

"We all gel really well together. Wenever really see that much of each"other to be honest because like any job with a deadline we are always up and racing around and we don't get that much chance to spend time together day-to-day.

"But when we do catch up at photo shoots or birthday drinks we always have a complete hoot.

"Like any good marriage we have our bit of distance so we all love each other. We'd be good friends."

Although she is used to interviewing top international celebrities, Karen admitted to being star-struck from time to time.

She confessed: "I still get starryeyed meeting famous people, I still get nervous.

"You are trying to get the best out of them in that short space of time."

Karen listed Bruce Willis as the worst person she has ever interviewed, adding: "His ego came into the room and his personality didn't show. He was disappointing but I probably wasn't on form myself.

"I probably didn't ask the right questions - neither of us got the best out of each other and sometimes that is going to happen."

She puts Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker in joint first place.

Karen said: "Rihanna was such a surprise, I thought she was going to be too cool for school and quite standoffish but she was so warm and playful.

"Sarah Jessica Parker was exactly how she appears on TV. I love to see lovely people have great success."

After TV3 was rapped on the knuckles by the BAI a couple of years ago over Karen's use of the expression OMFG the presenter said she is now obsessed with what she says on telly.

She added: "I was very embarrassed by that because I knew that my mum would be very embarrassed.

"We never meant to offend, we never said a curse.

"It was an acronym, acronyms are now offensive to people. It just goes to show you have to be very careful at 6pm.

"I certainly learned my lesson. My mum always said to me, 'Don't ever curse or be swearing' and I kind of went, 'But mum I didn't!' "It was unfortunate. I was surprised it got a complaint and I was surprised the complaint was upheld.

"I am super-careful now. Everything in my autocue I go over with a finetooth comb and I don't say anything I wouldn't say to my mother's face. That is the barometer.

"All my family are big fans of the show. My mum is a great one for telling me if something didn't work or if my make-up wasn't that nice.

"She tells it to me as it is. She'd be my biggest critic in the most constructive possible way."

' 'I'm mad about the girls. We all gel really well''John is gorgeous and I just adore his company'


On cue... Karen is loving her TV job and looking forward to marriage

Workmates... Expose girls

Looking good... with fiance John at the VIP Style Awards in Dublin

In the frame... at TV3 studios in Dublin
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