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' Abuse from heavies on the door.

HARRY McKenzie, 19, of Tuebrook, handed over pounds 65 and came away with a toy camera and pocket game.

He watched 35 other bargain hunters hand over at least pounds 775 for goods.

He said: 'You go in thinking you are going to buy a mobile phone and you come away with rubbish. They were throwing out gifts to people, like Playstations for pounds 50, or that is how it looked.

'There was a gang of heavies on the door. No-one could complain because by that time they have your money One man who asked for his money back was told to '**** off' by the heavy on the door.'

Dale Simpson, of Newsham Park, parted with pounds 25 - and ended up with a watch worth around pounds 5: 'They use the gift of the gab. But we were daft enough to hand money over


BARGAIN HUNTER: Harry McKenzie with his haul from the auction
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 4, 2005
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