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$20,000 computer control able to handle total N/C fabrication system.

Computer assisted, piece-part programming and punching machine tool control, as well as complete numerical control program verification, piece-part verification, and auxiliary functions are being handled simultaneously at Strippit's plant in Akron, New York.

The Strippie C/C Computer Control, a complete utilized device, eliminates 5 pieces of auxiliary off-line equipment formerly needed to perform its function. Through time sharing, the control operates a Fabramatic hole punching and notching machine while a programmer is remotely and simultaneously inputting data for another program.

Tapes prepared in either ASCII or EIA code can be read by the control. Both incremental and absolute data can be fed into the computer control. It automatically converts any data input into the required machine format. This, plus the flexibility of the digital type computer, makes programming at least twice as fast as is done by the commercially available tape preparation method. Recognized errors are electronically corrected without repair or scrapping of tape, thereby cutting costs, speeding programming time, and assuring accuracy.
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Title Annotation:40 Years Ago This Month
Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:Dec 1, 2007
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