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$1m Bionic Man set to debut at science museum.

London, Feb. 6 ( ANI ): A million-dollar bionic man that incorporates artificial organs, synthetic blood and robot limbs will soon go on display at the Science Museum in central London.

The artificial man was assembled by a team of leading robotics experts for a new Channel 4 documentary, 'How To Build A Bionic Man,' Sky News reported.

The bionic man features some of the latest advances in mechanical limbs, like artificial pancreas, kidney, spleen and trachea, and a functional blood circulatory system.

Its head incorporates a pair of retinal implants behind its brown irises, to allow it to sense objects in front, cochlear implants to help it hear and is covered with artificial skin.

He even has artificial intelligence and a speech synthesis system, which allows him to understand simple statements and respond to people's questions.

It can walk and talk, and says that its name is Rex and informs people that it likes Ralph Lauren and rap music.

All of its components can be theoretically welded to a human body to replace missing or worn out parts.

Although it was built for Channel 4, it is going on display to allow people to see how quickly the science of bionics is progressing. ( ANI )


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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Feb 6, 2013
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