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#SummerBeautyGoals: 10 fashion, beauty breakthroughs.

MANILA, Philippines Every summer, besides planning for beach getaways, people also prepare for what they would look like in photos and social media. The following novelties in beauty and fashionmight help one tick a box or two in one's summer goals.

Season of self-love

Celebrities Kiana Valenciano and Donny Pangilinan star in Oxygen's 'Summer So Real' collection campaign. Ever had those days when you wanted to belt out to every classic Disney song? Then other times when only emo punk rock could fill your soul? Fashion label Oxygen claims to get every style covered for light- and dark-side alter egos.

From sunny hues to stripes and black, the brand, through its new shopping site, offers a wide array of tops, bottoms, accessories and scents to suit one's mood and individuality.

For summer, celebrities such as Kiana Valenciano and Donny Pangilinan model the brand's latest collection, Summer So Real, in which street wear polos, track pants and footwear, are given un updated, with influences from traditional beach wear and surf culture, peppered with tropical prints and stripes in bright hues such as neo pastels, urban pink and retro yellows. Online exclusive merchandise such as bucket hats and bum bags complete the collection, which is a nod to the brand's ethos of delivering apparel that breathes authenticity and defines being effortlessly true to oneself.

Embracing oneself is once again at the forefront of a new BYS campaign. Following the success of the Reign With Power movement, a call to find one's purpose with indomitable pursuit, comes from the Australian cosmetics brand the reminder for all women to "Reign with Confidence and Believe in Yourself.

" The campaign aims to empower women with a message of encouragement, empowerment, acceptance, self-love and positivity, delivered in a heartening song. The piece, titled "I Am Beautiful," is written by alopecia awareness champion Abby Asistio and performed by BYS Philippines' endorser Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

The Asia's Songbird also appears in the special music video of the song, along with other brand ambassadors Nadine Lustre, Alyssa Mulach, Vivoree Esclito and Laura Barber. They are joined by Georcelle Dapat-Sy, Abby Asistio, and other personalities were able to stand-up with confidence and turn setbacks into a learning, moving experience.

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Even if she had to withdraw from a "Darna" movie due to medical reasons, Liza Soberano still keeps her eyebrows on fleek with the help of the new Maybelline Define and Blend Brow Pen, which is reportedly so user-friendly that one can brush up one's brow skills without breaking a sweat. The pen, said Liza, "is perfect for ladies who want to level up their kilay.

" "Reason why I love it so much is because it is easy to use, and it keeps my brows looking natural all day!"she added in a statement. Coming in four shades, grey brown, red brown, light brown, and natural brown, the new brow pen has a brush or spoolie, designed with bristles to help smudge out any harsh lines and keep the hairs tamed.

The brand also recently launched its Line Tattoo Crayon Pen, a 24-hour eyeliner designed to last like a tattoo with touted waterproof, smudge-proof and sweat-proof formula. It comes in a no-sharpening retractable mechanism.

Lip colors for 'morenas'

Camila Cabello wears limited-edition L'Oreal Paris Infallible Chocolats lipstick. Facebook/L'Oreal Paris The Filipina's natural year-round tan has always been a source of envy.

Richly warm and invitingly sun-kissed, the morena skin has never been more on-trend now. To empower Filipinas and embrace their heritage, L'Oreal Paris recently launch a new range of earth-toned lipsticks touted to be suited for Filipina skin tone.

The Earth on Fire collection, said L'Oreal Paris Makeup Group Product Manager Maia Ang, is made of natural brown hues that bring out the warmth of the morena skin tone. Offered in 10 colors, the collection is reportedly packed with spherical powders to make lips look fuller.

It reportedly also has jojoba oil to keep lips moisturized even under summer heat. Related video: How to get the 'no makeup' summer look It is every girl's dream to own a lippie that can keep up with their fast-paced city lifestyle.

Especially for the hustlers that jump from one event to another, there is an ongoing hunt for that one lipstick that stays on all day and wears comfortably on the lips. For such purpose, Maybelline New York recently introduced its liquid lipsticks line, Super Stay Matte Ink, which comes in 14 New York City-inspired shades of deep reds, burnt siennas, terracotta hues, and earthy nudes touted to suit Filipina skin tones.

From left: Avon True ColorMaybelline New YorkSuper Stay Matte Ink The Korean glass skin, the Asian drunk blush, the return of glitterlast year was filled with all sorts of beauty trends. Yes, they were great creative outlets.

These trends, however, hardly felt natural for Filipina skin. Thus, Avon recently came up with a new line of nude lipsticks called True Color, which has been designed to flatter natural skin tone.

The new matte nude lipsticks come in six shades that aim to cover a full range of Filipina-friendly tones. Go light with Nude Suede, or deep brown with Chocolate Crush.

Explore the various creamy tans in between, including Marvelous Mocha, French Toast, and Lush Cocoa. Although matte, the lipstick line promises to be fuss-free that does not cake or crack.

Sharing: the new beauty trend

Photo from Facebook/Watsons Philippines "The latest beauty trends nowadays are products you can share with your family and friends, not just for Instagram selfies," said Watsons Philippines Senior Category Manager Aimee Pernia. From cosmetics, the gel trend has seeped into skincare and body care products such as sunblock and deodorants, which are now available at personal care stores like Watsons.

Recently, the personal care store chain presented its summer essentials roster, ranging from sunblocks from Nivea, Belo, Sunplay, Face Republic, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic and Biore, to nail care from Bobbie Nails, and hair color and care from L'Oreal, Kolours and Creamsilk. Among the novelties for summer are Secret gel deodorants infant sunblock from DermPlus and shimmer powder from Pond's.

Loyalty cardholders get a chance to win a trip to Boracay. Likewise, different areas of the body require different forms of sun protection.

Thus, Avon recently introduced its Care Sun line to offer complete sun protection for face and body, for the entire household. Equipped with Derma 360-degree technology, the range aims to balance protection with care through its broad-spectrum coverage in a non-greasy and fragrance-free formulation.

Eighty percent of aging caused by poor lifestyle

Photo from Mary Kay website Research suggests that only 20 percent if visible skin aging is caused by the natural aging process. To help counter aging mostly caused by everyday life like ultraviolet rays, pollution, smog, bad diet, smoking, sleep loss and stress, international beauty brand Mary Kay recently launched its TimeWise Miracle Set 3D, a set of four products designed to delay aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin.

This full-spectrum, three-dimensional approach helps minimize the appearance of skin aging. Touted to be a product of years of clinical, consumer and safety studies and over 150 formulas and ingredients evaluated, the complete beauty regimen set includes a cleanser, a day cream with a sun protection factor (SPF) 30 broad specturm sunscreen, a night cream and an eye cream with trademarked Age Minimize 3D Complex, including encapsulated resveratrol, vitamin B3 and an age-defying peptide to support the skin's natural elastin and collagen.

Air pollutants smaller than skin's pores

Photo from Avon Australia's website An air pollutant, according to the research of personal care company Avon, has a size smaller than the skin's pores, and these pollutants are prevalent in highly urbanized areas. "These pollutants can cause acne, dullness, excess oil and enlarged pores, inflammation or chronic skin allergies and premature aging," the company stated.

To protect skin from pollutants such as air pollution and ultraviolet rays, the company recently introduced Anew Retroactive, a complete set of beauty regimen goods that promise to provide "multiple shield" against air pollutants. The set includes a cleanser for energizing and refreshing skin oil-free SPF 50 and a night cream that claims to make one look "up to five years younger.

" With summer fast approaching, moms and dads need a hero that will keep their little ones fresh during play time. Johnson's Powder Blossoms aims to keep kids smelling fresh for up to eight hours along with Johnson's Shiny Drops Shampoo for making hair soft and shiny.

The brand also recently launched its new limited-edition powder, Summer Blooms. Celebrity mom Melai Cantiveros (center) leads the launch of Johnson's "Play Days: Sa Laro Natututo" campaign.

Photo release For a beach-ready body

Photo release Summer is here, but is your body bikini-ready? "Whether it's just for the season or for one's total well-being throughout the year, people want to remove extra body fats. At Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic, we offer safe and painless services such as Mesotherapy, Liposonix and 3-Lipomax to address this concern," said Janyll Palisoc, Marketing Head.

The clinic is reportedly the first franchised clinic in the country from Oracle Skinland, South Korea, the largest networked dermatology, plastic surgery and obesity clinic in Asia-Pacific. Its founder, Dr.

Ro Young Woo, is a multi-awarded dermatologist who pioneered in this field in 2004. It has 80 branches in South Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hongkong, and the Philippines. Located in Republic Glass Building, Salcedo cor.

Soria Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati, the clinic offers body contouring services straight from Korea, Asia's beauty capital.

These include Mesotherapy, which uses plant extracts administered to the body through injections and is used for localized or particular body areas such as thighs, arms, among others. It is done repeatedly until one achieves the maximum result.

Likewise, there is Liposonix, a one-time procedure via a non-invasive high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system, a US-FDA approved technology that permanently destroys unwanted fat tissues without harming the surrounding areas. After the first treatment alone, one may arguably drop a pant size.

Similarly, one can take the 3-LipoMax Body Contouring route, a non-surgical procedure that uses RF (radio frequency) technology dynamic muscle activation that helps tone muscles. This is reportedly a clinically-proven treatment for long-lasting fat and cellulite reduction and for tightening of loose skin of various body parts such as arms, thighs, abdomen, etc.

One, however, may need more than one session of the 3-LipoMax to attain preferred results. "Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but we have a common goal: to improve, tone, get rid of unwanted and stubborn body fats, or just to feel good about ourselves," Palisoc concluded.

Stay hydrated

From left:Corkcicle tumbler (Photo from Ebay) grape juice (top, right) and ice roller (bottom, right). Photo release Many Filipinas find it a challenge to wear a bikini or even a one-piece swimsuit because of uneven skin tone or dark spots.

With summer fast approaching, it's time to plan those getaways to the beach and wouldn't it be nice to wear that stylish swimsuit you've been eyeing? Find the confidence to bare your skin with even skin tone. Dry skin appears dull and lifeless, and it emphasizes uneven skin tone.

Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day hydrates your body from the inside out and helps flush out toxins, which will do wonders for your skin. A brand that has been caring for Filipinos' skin for over 50 years, Jergens introduces its skin lightening lotion, which aims to lighten and nourishes to help reveal luminous skin.

It reportedly contains Dual UV Protector that gently penetrates beneath the skin's surface to soften, lighten dark spots, and even skin tone. The brand's products are reportedly FDA-approved.

Photo from Jergens/Released Meanwhile, Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash contains mild cleansing agents that target to strip the dirt off from skin, without drying it out. Sold in drugstores and supermarkets, the facial wash boasts of both cleansing and moisturizing properties.

It reportedly has Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) that aims to restore the skin's proper moisture balance. NMF helps magnetize hydration onto the skin to keep it balanced.

Ideal for summer outings or even for everyday hydration, the limited-edition Corkcicle tumbler, available at Marketplace and Rustan's Supermarket, comes in bright summer colors and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. For those who want to freshen up, Greek fragrance brand STR8 arrived in the Philippines last November to offer seven scents designed for modern men.

Distributed in Watsons and SM stores, the scent's variants include the citrus and woody Rise the amber Ahead the masculine Gold the seductive Red the spicy Yellow the youthful Blue and the vigorous Green. NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo for Str8.Photo release Top skincare experts and even celebrities have sworn by ice cubes for years.

No wonder ice rollers are becoming the next big thing because it gives you all the benefits of massaging your face with ice cubes without the hassle of dealing with ice water dripping down your hands. Ice rollers are a pretty simple concept.

In a nutshell, it is a type of cooling therapy that you can use for the face (ice cube facials sans the mess) and body (ice pack but with the massage component). Shimmer's ice roller, found in Shimmer Beauty Ph on Instagram and Facebook, is made of surgical-grade stainless steel.

To use, simply pop the detachable roller in the freezer to chill. It aims to instantly reduce the look of fatigue, puffiness, and redness on the face as well as around the eyes.

It also targets to lessen pore size and clogging, as well as reduce acne irritation and tighten up skin. They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

But with busy lifestyles filled with activities from morning to sundown, sometimes there is no more time to eat a fruit or lead a healthy life. To achieve physical and mental well-being, experts recommend the time-tested proper diet and nutrition, at least an eight-hour sleep and regular exercise.

A healthy diet provides the nutrients to fuel bodily and mental functions and keeps one's immune system in tip-top shape. The World Health Organization, in particular, recommends 400 grams of fruits every day -- a target that many Filipinos struggle to meet since there is no time to buy fruits or even the time to savor them.

Photo from Celeteque website With the convenience of modern living, there are products now available that help us live a healthier lifestyle. One of the most recommended by doctors and dietitians is Welch's 100 percent Grape Juice.

Extracted from Concord grapes, each bottle has a good concentration of nutrients called polyphenols that promote healthy blood flow, provide anti-clotting effect like red wine and help maintain blood pressure. Since it is pure, no sugar is added, making the drink safe and healthy for all ages.

The juice provides a good source of antioxidants, so it helps keep immune system up to fight against viruses that cause common cold and cough. Fiber, as scientific research has proven, is good for digestion and helps in weight loss while calcium is proven to build good bones and teeth and aids in the proper function of our internal organs.

Plush toy meets hair brush

Photo from Ebay While dry hair is surprisingly strong, wet strands are far more fragile. Brushing with the wrong brush, towel drying too roughly, or using a fine-tooth comb can all lead to breakage.

Available in Watsons, the WetBrush has signature IntelliFlex bristles or "smart" bristles that know when to be firm enough to pull through the tangles, and when to gently glide through hair strands without breaking them. Less hair strands are caught in the brush to minimize hair loss.

From celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria and Candice Swanepoel, the brand has expanded to Plush Brush with a kid-friendly grip that reportedly gently glides through tangles without breakage, pain or tears for kids. For both mom and kids, the Original Detangler is equipped with IntelliFlex that aims to smoothen tangles without pain or damage.

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