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"You just can't buy that sort of advertising.".


MUCH has been written about the 11 faded stars and wannabes who recently departed the Big Brother house but one housemate's contribution has been largely overlooked so far.

Okay so Vivienne Westwood wasn't actually incarcerated with Preston, Maggot, "Gorgeous" George and co for real, but the doyenne of British fashion certainly made her presence known through the outrageous wardrobe of our own Pete Burns.

From his arrival in her signature toe-shaped boots to his departure in a dress emblazoned with the word Propaganda, his three-week stay was a veritable retrospective of the punk queen's portfolio with a few gems from spring/summer 2006 thrown in.

Virtually everything but Pete's infamous "gorilla coat" had the ginger-haired grandmother's rebel yell stamped all over it.

But when you happily put cosmetic surgery on a par with renovating your house, Dame Vivienne is the only designer "out there" with designs wild enough to fit your personality.

"Pete is a great character," laughs Richard Duncalf, co-director of Liverpool's Westwood boutique.

"He has been a great fan of Vivienne's for a long time."

Shocking as it may have been, there is no doubt Pete's appearance on the most talked about show of the year will do no harm to Ms Westwood's pret a porter sales.

Indeed managers at the Mathew Street store already report great interest in the pieces modelled by the Dead or Alive frontman.

"There is a certain Westwood customer who likes the full ensemble and he is one of them," Richard tells me. "In the old days, that was the typical customer, you either loved Westwood or you hated it. Now the brand is a lot broader and you get a lot more mainstream stars wearing it."

"Pete has been buying for over 20 years and the clothes he wore on Big Brother were everything from classics to things he has bought himself over the last 18 months," Richard adds.

"All the pieces he wore were great pieces and no matter what you think of Pete as a person, he is a great ambassador for the brand.

"You just can't buy that sort of advertising."


Pete Burns
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Feb 2, 2006
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