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"You're only as good as your last piece of advice.".

"That's what I like about the BNA Tax Management Web Library."

Blake Christian

"With 13 partners and three offices, we cover a range of business issues, from real estate and business management to manufacturing, distribution and international taxation. As busy as we are, we need reliable, easy-to-use information."

"I have always gravitated toward the BNA Tax Management Library because it is the easiest to use. I've used the print Portfolios, but I like the electronic version even better. I think the BNA Web Library is set up to make the transition from the print to the electronic version much easier than other services. I'll just use the search function, pop in the Code section, and go to a Portfolio. You get great detail in the electronic index, and the analysis builds very logically from the general to the specific. I also like how the citations will add a fine point without jumbling up the whole paragraph."

"I'm always amazed at the organization and the level of detail in the Portfolios. The other day, I had a very complex QPRT issue. BNA had every Private Letter Ruling, all in one section! With BNA, I never feel that I'm chasing down a red herring. It saves me research time and it saves the client money."

"I also like being able to easily locate foreign issues. The Estate and Gift tax discussions within the Foreign Portfolios are very hard to find anywhere else. To find all you need in one place is extremely helpful. Even though we're not going to tell a Los Angeles client what his Australian tax results will be, it's nice to be able to give his CFO a heads-up and say, 'That Australian branch you're opening is going to be subject to a branch profits tax.' That's the kind of thing they want to hear. While you're in the Portfolios looking for a specific answer, you generally run across ancillary issues to bring to your clients' attention."

"We want to be viewed as the technical firm in town. We are now attracting more clients with national and international operations. As we move up, the clients become more demanding and more sophisticated. And they're all cost conscious. We've got to give them their money's worth. My mantra these days is, 'Don't think of yourself as a CPA. Think of yourself as a problem-solver.' That's what clients come to us for. They don't want to be told there's a problem. They want the problem solved. The Web Library helps make sure we're efficient and thorough."

"In the client's eyes, you're only as good as your last piece of advice. It's, 'What have you done for me lately?' In this marketplace, we have to have a competitive edge. BNA Tax Management helps us provide that: working smarter, being more creative than the next guy at solving clients' problems. If I have to stake my reputation on an issue, I'll put my full reliance on BNA Tax Management."

Blake E. Christian, CPA, MBT

POSITION: Partner, Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Westlake Village, California

AREAS OF PRACTICE: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, State Incentives, and International Taxation.



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Title Annotation:lawyer Blake Christian
Publication:The Tax Adviser
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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