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"World securities Law Report" & "Corporate Governance Library" from BNA.

The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA; Washington, D.C.) has begun the production of two new information products, "World Securities Law Report" and "Corporate Governance Library."

"World Securities Law Report" is available online and via e-mail and provides monthly news of developments in the regulation of transactions involving securities around the world. Editorial focuses particularly on developments affecting cross-border transactions and includes information on: legal, legislative and regulatory developments affecting transactions; changes in laws and regulations impacting cross-border transactions in individual countries; and, developments on the international level, such as the EU Committee of European Securities Regulators and the International Organization of Securities Commissions, and including bilateral arrangements.

Content covers such topics as accounting standards, broker-dealer regulation, compliance and enforcement, derivatives, fraud, jurisdiction, market abuse, listing requirements, market regulation, and shareholder rights, among others. An annual online subscription costs $1295 for one user, $1420 for two users and $1554 for three to five users.

"Corporate Governance Library" is available in print and also online and includes a monthly newsletter, a manual and online content updated regularly. The service provides information on the latest trends and best practices in corporate governance.

Editorial includes information on corporate governance relevant to annual meetings of shareholders, audit committees, boards of directors, business judgment rule, compensation committees, corporate minutes, director indemnification, directors' fiduciary duties, executive compensation, independent directors and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

The service also includes related news from the courts, federal agencies and legislatures on developments affecting corporate law and securities, as well as news and reference materials on shareholder proposals and activist campaigns, An annual print subscription costs $887 for the newsletter and manual and $502 for just the newsletter. An annual online subscription for one to five users costs $861 for the full library and $774 for just the newsletter.
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Date:Mar 31, 2005
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