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"Wood" you come to Hope?

"Wood" You Come To Hope?

People would rather choke than talk about it, but Hope's economy is about to get a big boost.

We hear Temple-Inland, a huge lumber and particle board concern out of Diboll, Texas has picked a site outside of the city's industrial park to locate a new plant. Industry insiders estimate the plant represents a $25-40 million investment, will mean 150-200 jobs, and take close to a year to get up and running.

We got dead silence then a hushed, "Where did you hear that?" when we asked an economic developer in the area about the news. He wanted us to write only that a major lumber company was looking in southwest Arkansas (but when you know the company and the town...).

One source tells us that the governor and the AIDC have been working closely with Temple and to look for the formal announcement in three to four months. All the AIDC will say is, "If it hasn't been formally announced, we can't comment."

Hempstead County could use the numbers.

A couple of smaller concerns have started operations there lately, each employing about 10 -- Fink and Co., a manufacturer of puzzles and importer of toys, and Midark Marketing, a manufacturer of acoustical panels -- and some other biggies like Champion and Beard-Poulan recently expanded. But the area's unemployment rate is still 7.7 percent.
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Title Annotation:Whispers; Temple-Inland, a lumber and particle board firm; Hope, Arkansas
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Oct 29, 1990
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