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"Were You at the Rock?" The History of Mass Rocks in Ireland.


"Were You at the Rock?" The History of Mass Rocks in Ireland

Anthony Nugent

Liffey Press


263 pages



Nugent, a folklorist from Ireland, documents the history, location, folklore, and legends associated with Ireland's Mass Rocks, which date from the Penal Days (1695-1829), when Irish Catholics were forbidden by Protestants to attend Mass, undertake pilgrimages to sacred places, gather for the annual pattern, or bury their dead in the traditional custom, and had to use secluded and hidden places to practice their faith, so they congregated at natural flat-topped rocks. He describes many of these sites (listed alphabetically by county), with maps and directions on finding them, and their history and folklore, as well as the people associated with them. He also describes the Cromwellian Campaign in Ireland, the Penal Laws, houses and huts where Mass was observed, the Hedge Schools, the role of priest hunters, prisons where priests were kept, crosses, and other aspects of the period. Distributed by Dufour.

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