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"Vi": Intentional Communities.


Under director Charles Esche and deputy director Asa Nacking, southern Sweden's best-known institution for contemporary art is undergoing a radical change. This spring, a series of "proposals, architectural performances, and music happenings" will engage the Rooseum's multifarious spaces, concluding with the new management's first show, "Vi"--Swedish for we--based on the notion of "intentional community" (i.e., a social group who agree to follow rules independent of the state). Documentary materials relating to communes will mingle with installations by artists like Johanna Billing, Annika Eriksson, Jakob Kolding, Philippe Parreno, and Superflex. May 12-Aug. 12.
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Title Annotation:performance at Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Sweden
Author:Stjernstedt, Mats
Publication:Artforum International
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Date:May 1, 2001
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