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"Universal" overmold.

GLS Corp. has introduced a "universal" over-mold TPE alloy that it says will adhere in two-shot and insert-molding applications to just about any rigid plastic substrate, including ABS, COPE (copolyester), HIPS (high-impact polystyrene), PC, PC/ABS, PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), PS, and HDPE. Versaflex OM9-801N is described by GLS as an economical, multipurpose alternative to single-substrate overmold compounds, it requires no drying and provides a soft-touch, rubbery feel with good surface aesthetics. The company notes that the compound also colors quite easily.

Versaflex OM9-801N molds at lower pressures and temperatures (as low as 25 psi, and between 360[degrees]F and 425[degrees]F molding temperatures in various portions of the molded part and as low as 70[degrees]F in the mold), allowing for greater tool-design alternatives. The company says OM9-801N TPE, with 47 Shore A hardness, opens a new realm of possibilities for the use of soft-touch overmolding.

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Title Annotation:MATERIALS; Versaflex OM9-801N - Thermoplastic Elastomer
Comment:"Universal" overmold.(MATERIALS)(Versaflex OM9-801N - Thermoplastic Elastomer )
Author:Blanco, Alice
Publication:Plastics Engineering
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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