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"Two great minds at work".


When I saw Richard Salsman's forty-page article ["Economics in Atlas Shrugged" (TOS, Spring 2011)] listed in the contents, I couldn't imagine how that much could be said about economics in Atlas, perhaps because Rand's views on the subject always seemed so natural to me. Nevertheless, I loved every word. Salsman skillfully concretized the conflict by presenting modern views on economics before demolishing them with Rand's words. I particularly enjoyed the description of Rearden at fourteen as the unmoved mover, and Salsman's comparing Rearden to Steve Jobs. Thank you for the sheer pleasure of seeing two great minds at work, Rand's and Salsman's.


Morristown, NJ

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Title Annotation:Letters and Replies
Author:Kalin, Eric
Publication:The Objective Standard
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 22, 2011
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