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"Tie-dyed marketers of the year." (Chip and Pepper Foster) (Hot Manitobans)


Twin brothers whose casual clothing business began with selling tie-dyed T-shirts at Winnipeg Beach and mushroomed into a multi-million dollar international company were honoured by the Sales and Marketing Executives (Wpg.) Inc. as joint recipients of the annual Marketing Executive of the Year Award.

Chip and Pepper Foster, founders of Chip and Pepper Wetwear, were chosen to receive the 1989 award because they represent the true entrepreneurial spirit, "finding their niche by supplying the demand they helped to create," said Ron Pradinuk, chairman of the S.M.E. awards committee. "Chip and Pepper are young in years, but their sales and marketing instincts are well honed."

The 26-year-old brothers' company grossed $4 million in 1989, selling colorful jackets, shirts, pants and hats in the United States and Canada. They are currently in the process of expanding their clothing business into Europe.
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Publication:Manitoba Business
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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