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"The collapse of the Laurentian consensus": John Ibbitson on the westward shift of Canadian power--and values.

On December 5, 2011, veteran Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson delivered an "LRC Presents ..." talk at Toronto's Gardiner Museum, which we hosted in partnership with TVO's Big Ideas. Excerpted below, the full text is now online.

"In 25 years of reporting, I have covered my share of municipal, provincial and federal elections. Too often I described them as the most important election ever.

"I am not alone in this bad habit. Journalists have a tendency to inflate the importance of elections. This is hardly surprising; we spend many weeks of our time and a great deal of our employers' money covering elections, and of course we want to see our bylines on the front page. But the truth is, most elections are just elections..."

To read more, or to watch video of this talk, visit < gardiner>.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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