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"The Return" to be Showen in International Festivals.

"The Return" to be Showen in International Festivals

"The Return" is a 54-minute documentary film written and directed by Zahawi Sinjawi in 2016. The film participates in competition section of Amsterdam International Festival for documentary movies. It was showed on 18, 19, 23, 25 and 26th of October. IDFA 2016 is regarded the most significant festival for documentary cinema in the world. "The Return" is filmed in the Kurdish Ezidi IDP camp of Bajit Kindala, where thousands of IDPs live. A Nurse called Shilan works voluntarily in the camp. She feels for the hard psychological state of the people and their dire living condition and she tries to help them. She plays with the children who have no playing spots and school, attempts to solve their problems, inspects their health and seeks remedy for them. Every tent is filled with catastrophic memories, tired psychological state and broken future. Talking with Shilan is the only ray of hope and tranquility for the people in the camp. Shilan is told that a woman refuses to go out of her tent and doesn't eat food and responds to no one. The initial efforts of Shilan fail to establish any contact with the woman. By understanding the threatening situation of the woman, and to prevent another catastrophe from happening, she takes another way to help the people. We learn more about life and the future of the woman in the camp and Shilan herself. "The Return" has attracted the attention of tens of festivals and world's TV channels, human rights and charity organizations and those International and European political parties that care about refugees and IDPs. During the festival, two press conferences will be held for the director to shed light on the situation of the IDPs in the camps and the mass killings of Ezidi Kurds in Shingal. By H.G. Hassan

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Publication:The Kurdish Globe (Erbil, Iraq)
Date:Nov 14, 2016
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