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"The Energy To Make A Difference" Mobil Launches New Brand Positioning Program.

FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 22, 1996--Mobil Corporation (NYSE:MOB) today announced the launch of the first element of a comprehensive brand positioning program focused on the qualities of leadership and partnership. The program, designed to communicate the strengths of the Mobil brand more clearly throughout the world, is built around a new brand theme -- "Mobil: The energy to make a difference." The theme will be introduced to Mobil's audiences worldwide through a multi-million dollar global print and broadcast campaign debuting on November 24.

"Mobil's brand name is based on many strengths," said Mobil Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lucio A. Noto. "Our customers, shareholders, business partners and host governments look to Mobil and our people to deliver excellence, whether it's our commitment to quality products and services, technology, environmental responsibility or to customer satisfaction. We want to communicate these strengths to people who already know us and to those who don't."

"As we developed this program, we talked with our business partners, customers and employees around the world," said Nancy Carlson, Mobil's Manager for Image and Positioning. "What we learned was that those audiences who know Mobil well value us as partners and recognize us as leaders in many areas. Our challenge is to build on that awareness as we grow globally. Our strategy is to share Mobil stories that highlight our values with target audiences around the world, especially in emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America."

Mobil's new television ads highlight actual business partners, Mobil people and products in a series of quick-cut scenes. One story builds on Mobil's longstanding partnership with Porsche through support of both its racing program and through factory fills of every vehicle that comes off its assembly line. Other print ads in the campaign feature Mobil's approach to exploration and production using advanced horizontal drilling systems, the selection by NASA partners of a Mobil lubricant for the life support systems on the international space station and Mobil's zeolite catalysis technology, which increases the gasoline yield from crude oil by 28 percent.

Another storyline describes the environmental commitment behind Mobil's adoption of double-hulled tankers. "All of these stories," said Carlson, "tie back to our promise of quality products and services, the use of technology and environmental responsibility."

The company's tagline -- "The energy to make a difference" -- and its traditional symbols -- the Mobil trademark with its distinctive letter forms in Mobil red and blue and a secondary trademark, Pegasus, the flying horse -- will serve as unifying elements for the campaign. The positioning research showed that Mobil's target audiences believe that the company's traditional symbols convey messages of vision, energy, leadership and advanced technology, consistent with the key themes of the brand positioning.

"`The energy to make a difference' sums up what Mobil stands for," said, Carlson. "It captures the values that Mobil brings to the marketplace and to the communities in which we work by showcasing Mobil people and Mobil partnerships."

The new Mobil television ads, produced by its advertising agency, DDB Needham, will run as 60- and 30-second television spots that will air on major prime-time programs in the United States, the Asia Pacific region and in Latin America. Media outlets will include CNN, CNBC, CCTV, Star TV and Telenoticias. Print ads will run internationally in newspapers and magazines, such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, Asia Week, Far Eastern Economic Review, America Economica and Vision.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 22, 1996
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