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"The Direct Vu[TM] elliptiscalpel[TM]".

This surgical technique allows a physician to remove larger skin lesions with a perfect cosmetic elliptical incision every time. The incision can then be closed in a flat straight line without the risk of "dog ears" or mismatched edges.

If you are a primary care physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant and not so comfortable with your ability to cut the ideal ellipse around a larger skin lesion; then this instrument will take care of that for you. With skin cancers and melanomas sharply on the rise, the Direct Vu[TM] can help increase practice revenues by decreasing out-referrals and is also more convenient for your patients.

The Direct Vu[TM] elliptiscalpel[TM] is a sterile disposable surgical instrument designed to cut out larger skin lesions with a perfect ellipse much like a punch biopsy is used for smaller lesions (see fig. 1). It is set up on a typical surgical tray as illustrated (see figure 2). The appropriate sized elliptiscalpel[TM] is selected for the lesion to be removed and comes in a length to width ratio of two to one. This ratio leaves the shortest residual scar while still avoiding the problem of "dog ears".


The surgeon then lines up the device by looking directly down at the lesion through the aperture (see fig. 3) and firmly rocks it forward and back like a cookie cutter creating a perfectly shaped ellipse. The depth of the cut is controlled by pressure on the elliptiscalpel and the number of rocks, usually three. Lighter pressure will create a shallower perfect ellipse and stronger pressure with additional rocking will cut a deeper ellipse that can even be used to remove cysts or nodules (see fig 4).


With either a regular scalpel or a pair of curved scissors and forceps the operator can free the specimen from the subcutaneous layer (see fig. 5 & 6).


The incision can then be closed in a single or two layered method resulting in a flat straight line (see fig. 7). It's just that simple.


What gives the elliptiscalpel[TM] its efficacy and surpasses previous attempts at this approach is the patented radius of curvature on the cutting edges which allows slicing to commence immediately upon contact with the target tissue thus, the name "scalpel" not "punch".

The elliptiscalpel[TM] comes in various sizes but currently is available only in a 2:1 cm. blade. It can be ordered through Monarch Medical Industries of Salt Lake City and comes in single-use sterile peel-packs in boxes of 12, or cases of 24 (see fig. 8). I recommended that you practice on pig's feet to get comfortable with the technique. It is not recommended for use on the face.


Monarch Medical Industries, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Direct Vu[TM] Elliptiscalpel[TM] at or (866)501-0677. Dr. Palazzo is in private family practice in Belpre, Ohio and can be reached at (740) 423-9862. The doctor was not compensated for this piece and has no financial interest in the company.

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Title Annotation:A New Technique For Biopsying Skin Lesions 4-20 MM In Diameter
Author:Palazzo, Kurt
Publication:Journal of Family Practice
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Date:May 1, 2004
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