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"Taiwan Services Trade Information Platform" Helps Taiwan Businesses Advance into Global Services Market.

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The "Taiwan Services Trade Information Platform", established by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and commissioned by the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), went live on the Internet yesterday (March 14th). On the day of launch, the "Taiwan Services Trade Information Platform Launch Global Opportunity Seminar" was held at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), thus introducing the excellent platform to all service industry businesses in Taiwan and officially leading Taiwan businesses onto the global stage.

In an effort to develop Taiwan's service industries and to help businesses in the service industries make headway in the global market, the CEPD commissioned the TAITRA to integrate government resources across several departments to construct the "Taiwan Services Trade Information Platform" (website:

This website provides free information in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English on topics including the latest business developments and analysis, business information from around the world, international service industry trends, information and services regarding domestic and international commercial exhibitions, relevant Taiwan laws and regulations, guiding policies and resources, information regarding the relaxing of Taiwan's financial regulations, and research achievements. Additionally, there will be media promotion and relevant international service industry exhibitions, as well as trade partner matching of potential buyers and businesses.

For its first year, the website will focus on seven service industries: medical care, tourism, culture and creativity, gourmet food, logistics, circulations (the franchise industry in particular), and WiMAX (wireless broadband); four or five more may be added in the future as needed to continue promoting Taiwan's service industries.

The launching ceremony was attended by many politicians and business leaders, including CEPD Deputy Minister Gee San, TAITRA CEO Yuen-Chuan Chao, and Chairman Pen-Tsao Chang of the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China (ROCCOC). Also among the guests of honor were Chairman Sheng-Yi Tai of Wang Steak, General Manager Mu-Yuan Cai of Global Mobile, Assistant Director Ming-Zhu Feng of the National Palace Museum, Chief Strategy Officer Ya-Jun Tang of E United Group, Assistant Marketing Manager Ya-Hui Li of TRihome, Specialist Zhi-Hong Lin of Chang Gung Medical Foundation, Section Chief Fu-Zhen Fan of Chunghwa Post, who are all representatives from leading enterprises of the seven major service industries. These seven businesses represent gourmet food, WiMAX, culture and creativity, tourism, circulations, medical care, and logistics respectively.

During the seminar, Chairman Sheng-Yi Tai of Wang Steak restaurant chain gave a speech sharing his successful experiences in overseas investment and related business operations, which was received enthusiastically.

CEPD Deputy Minister Gee San said that the global economy is gradually transforming into an economy dominated by service industries. When compared to other countries, Taiwan's services trade still has great potential for growth, waiting to be actualized jointly by the government and businesses. The website not only offers services trade related business news, but also provides businesses with trade partner matching, which boosts the competitiveness of Taiwan's services trade in the global market. CEPD Deputy Minister Gee San especially thanked the Executive Yuan and other government departments for their support, and TAITRA for its effort. Since the information platform will be linked to other department websites in the future, it is hoped that the level and scope of service can be expanded.

TAITRA CEO Yuen-Chuan Chao said the Taiwan Services Trade Information Platform will receive the full support of TAITRA's 58 overseas offices, which will provide the latest information on business opportunities abroad, business trends, events information, analyses and trade partner matching in order to keep Taiwan's service industry businesses abreast of industry trends both at home and abroad. TAITRA CEO Yuen-Chuan Chao emphasized that website members will have free access to the website's multimedia functions, such as promotion video broadcasting and rotational banner advertisement, and encouraged everyone to make full use of it.
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Date:Mar 15, 2011
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