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"Star" stymied.

I am writing in response to Clive Barnes' column in the October issue ["Attitudes," page 122]. I am in agreement that dance is declining in popularity, but disappointed that Barnes claims its decline is due to a lack of "stars." I could give you a long list of dancers who are jaw-dropping to watch, but not considered stars. One reason is that due to a lack of funding, companies are folding left and right, and many of these artists are out of work.

My challenge to all dance lovers, Barnes included, is to expose yourselves to more than just the "big wigs"--Morris, Cunningham, Tharp, and ABT--and acknowledge the many other artists in this art form. Broaden your horizons. I want DANCE MAGAZINE to review more companies that are on the rise, especially in the downtown scene. That's how Tharp got where she is today. If DM doesn't feature more than a handful of dancers, how will people find out who's on the cutting edge?

If you need examples of unrecognized stars, look right next to the column Barnes wrote and see Maurya Kerr modeling for Mirella. She's incredible, and I've never seen an article on her in this magazine.



DM Responds: DANCE MAGAZINE covers all kinds of dance in all kinds of places. Features are just one way in which we do that. "On the Rise," which we initiated in July, tells the stories of up-and-coming young dancers, choreographers, and companies. "New York Notebook" presents a menu of happenings, companies, and schools in New York City and often includes downtown dance events. Look on every page--and at our online reviews--and you will find stellar coverage of great diversity. Mauyra Kerr, although she has never been the subject of a profile, has been mentioned in reviews of LINES Ballet and was one of the dancers photographed for DM's special Shopping Spree supplement in December 2003.
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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